New rifle for me.. :-)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by soulracer, May 2, 2008.

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    Not asking any questions..just wanted to let everyone know. :)
    Buying a Savage 10FP in .308 cal. Should have it soon..will have to wait to shoot though till I can get a decent scope, mounts, etc.
    Was looking at that Remington 700 vtr also..I have seen it mentioned a lot lately..but, Savage is coming in at over $150 less and is a great rifle from what I have heard/read.

    Well, I guess I do have a couple of questions then..
    Question 1- Where is a good place to get a good scope at low cost. Low cost = 200-ish. Want something around 4-6x 40 or 42mm. Thinking about looking at Burris, Bushnell, and Nikon offerings.
    Question 2 - how can I hide a rifle from my wife..she does not know I am buying it. ;-)
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    If you haven't already picked your poison yet I have gone through a number of scopes lately testing to see what I like. What I have found is that the Nikon scopes in the close to 200 dollar range are **** good. I picked a 3-9x 40 buckmaster camo finish for like 149 at a store going out of business. I think the normal cost at the time for it was 189.99. Any how I've found it to be a good scope and has done well on my 30-06.

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    Sounds like a good setup. I agree with aaron. Try a Nikon 3-9x40 prostaff scope. They retail for like, $230 out where I live, and I love how clear they are.
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    Sightron make a really nice scope as well. I have an SI series and it is very clear and bright with the added bonus of a lifetime warranty and finger-adjustable W&E turrets. I got it for around $100 delivered off of eBay. They also have a model with a ranging reticle.
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