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"new" Romak 991 questions

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TULAver, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    My AR buddy just recently aquired a Romak 991, 10 round capacity AK. She looked like she had been ridden hard and put away wet, but we got her cleaned up nicely.

    My main question is this: Can she be converted to take standard AK magazines?

    Other than that, what should stay oiled and what should stay dry? I assume the gas piston and bolt should stay dry and everything else should receive a very light oiling?
  2. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    Bolt's fine for an oiling, in fact grease might be OK too for the action rails.

    Yes it can be converted to take standard AK magazines, but first make sure it's US parts compliant. Most Romanian AKs have the P-grip, trigger group, and piston replaced by US made ones. If not, or if you're not sure, there are good quality US parts available for upgrading it.

    After making sure it's in parts compliance, all that is necessary to convert to standard mags is to open up the mag well on the bottom of the receiver. If someone has a standard cap AK to compare that should work, otherwise you can try to measure a mag for specs. Front and back distance should be the same, only the width should be opened up. Some people put in plates of some sort to keep the mag from wobbling sideways.

    Should be an easy enough job. This model should have been cheap because the ones already modded to take hi-caps are in the $300 range.
  3. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    Yeah, my friend offered 200 for it, and the owner told him 150 would be alright. Looked like a little sight cant to me, and the front sight post was stuck far to the right. She was dirty as a catholic school girl but the rifling looked crisp, and everything was in decent shape except for the finish. Trigger pull was a lot nicer than I expected Looked like a nut welded over the end of the barrel, is that normal?

    It's got the standrad dragunov buttstock with the baseball bat thickness grip, and now I can see exactly why they call them butthole stocks. Thick and uncomfortable, but the trigger pull was better than I expected. It has a lot less travel than my SKS, crisp break, but a little rough. My SKS trigger has longer travel than most guns that I've shot, but it's pretty smooth, very noticeable 2 stage action, and it's surprisingly consistent. To me the AK's trigger feels like my old Benjamin pump's, while the SKS' feels like my Marksman US shooting team biathalon trainer.

    I noticed the thing, without a magazine attached, weighed about the same as my SKS with 4x scope and a full magazine. Maybe it's the synthetic monte carlo stock?
  4. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    BRG3 - I have the Romak 991, and have considered the conversion. But, I had thought the trunnion required changing, as it wouldn't feed properly with a double-stack mag? Also, seems like I read once the mag latch may not be quite the same place.

    If it's simply a matter of opening the magwell, and widening the anti-sway tabs inside - I may try this! I do have one full-capacity (30 round) magazine.

    The blocky P-grip is almost too big for my big mitts! The "dragunov" stock is extremely short too. I have a MAK90 Sporter butthole stock to put on it, that gives me another inch of length and looks far better. I've already switched the handguards to the Russian type to better match the wood MAK90 stock.
  5. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    Sounds like a good fair deal and a promising project! I assumed that the Romak 991 was the same as the WASR-10 regarding dimensions. I do not believe the trunion will require any modding at all, I don't even think it will require a feedramp installed (as the Saigas do). Everything you reported sounds normal for that rifle, and it is almost certainly 100% imported, so you have to make sure the foreign parts count is down to 10 ( has a list and info on that law.)

    My recommendation would be to replace the P-grip and buttstock with US made ones and replace the FCG with one from Tapco. Alternately you could put on a foreign buttstock and replace the gas piston instead.

    The options are many, so this seems like a good opportunity to make it really fit the owner's tastes.
  6. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    BR, do they normally have feed ramps installed, or is it just that they aren't necessary? Because this one did not appear to have a feed ramp when I looked for one.

    The stock on this thing is gonna have to go, butt uggly, uncomfortable, and wobbly on top of it all. I just hope for his sake that the receiver isn't cut like I've been hearing some of htem are, to keep from installing a seperate p-grip stock combo. Galil/Valmet style Side folder and SAW grips look like the way to go to me from a functional AND economical point, but I have no idea what he'd want to do with it.

    FCG, op-rod, mag followers, stock, grip, handguard... seems like this baby will require about $300(initial rifle price included) to make a respectable AK out of her. Sounds about right to me, all things considered. Plus, working on it is gonna be fun, and since it isn't mine, I don't have to come up with the money for it!

    On a sidenote, I'm not able to open any of the forums. I can open the main forum selection page, and I can search for and read topics, but when I try to enter a forum, I get this:

    Warning: Unknown(/home/gunandga/public_html/forums/forumdisplay.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

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    I'd post in the general forum for help, but I can't get there... Any ideas?
  7. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    No no no, you don't have to replace ALL those parts. Some of them don't exist on the AK in the first place. If you install a US made stock (ie Tapco sidefolder), a US made grip, and a US made FCG, you'll be legal to use any foreign magazine and need no other parts replaced.

    The way to see if it requires a feedramp is to see if it will feed once the new mag is in place. If the noses of the bullets hit the barrel below the chamber, it needs a ramp, and it should almost be self explanatory. If there's a small piece of metal in the space between the barrel and the trunion, that's a feedramp and you're good to go.
  8. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    I was just rambling about all the US made stuff available that will count towards the parts count. What doesn't exist on the AK? If you mean the op-rod, then I meant the gas piston, since it's all just one piece with the AK.

    I guess the handguard can stay, it's actually kinda nice looking, light blondish with a decent lamination. The stock is horrible though, what a shame. I'm really fond of the skeletonized dragunov stock design in general, a good one fixes the problems inherent with a conventional seperate stock and grip configuration(the grip can't get caught in things or tangled in clothing) but evidentally these particular models were made for individuals suffering from giantism or Marfan's syndrome.

    Boy, handling that Romak gave me a newfound respect for the overall fit and finish of my Norinco SKS. Gunmetal blue > black paint any day of the week.
  9. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    Remember that making something yourself counts as it being US made. I've made an AK stock or two in my day. A good way to match the wood handguard.
  10. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    If it was mine and I had access to a nice chunk of wood, I think I'd use the Butthole stock it has as a rough model and improve in the places where they went horribly wrong.

    We could always slap a heavy duty door hinge on a boat paddle and have us a genuine Bubbafolder ;)

    I was wondering, do al the AKs suffer from the occasional sight cant, or is it mainly the Romanians? I plan on aquiring one for myself one day, prefferably a Saiga or VEPR, and I'd like to know if I have to watch out for it with all of them.
  11. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i am having the same problem, all day. i cannot open any forums, i get the same message. but i can click on the latest post and reply like this. whats up with that???
  12. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    Man, I'm disappointed, I see PapaG posts in my topic and I rush in to read the cracks about the AK sights, only to find that the board must indeed be having some minor technical difficulties.

    It's not too late PapaG, you can still speak out on the AK sights.

    Speaking of which, does anyone make an AK peep style sight that mounts furhter back on the gun, like a receiver cover replacement or something? Maybe it would be possible to use a receiver cover/picatinny rail to mount a flip up AR style rear sight?

    I'd be ienterested in something of the sort for my SKS as well, but I think the scope mount that I have sits too high to stick an iron sight on top, without replacing the front sight with something higher as well, and I dunno if it would be stable enough on top of that.
  13. TULAver

    TULAver G&G Newbie

    Range Report on this little ugly sucker today:

    It shoots straight.

    That's about as good as I can tell because we didn't have any formal targets today. We shot nerf basketball sized things, beer cans, other debris we fished out of the river(we actually cleaned the place up a little) and the best target- the rusty cab of an old Datsun pickup. 7.62x39FMJ will indeed go all the way through a light truck, and make nice holes in the riverbank after. One bullet managed to tumble evidentally, because the exit wound through the wheel well was about the shape and size of a very large jalapeno pepper.

    I even bump-fired it a little. :assult: Strung it over my shoulder, pulled forward on the handguard, and let 5 rounds loose faster than I honestly thought they would cycle. The first 3 were in about a 1' group and the 3rd and 4thwere about 2' and 5' feet further out. I was also informed that I look like a video game character when I shoot normally. Can't figure out if that's good or bad. :hmmm:

    All this leads me to the question: how can a rifle with canted sights shoot straight? Or rather how can a person shoot straight with canted sights?
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2005
  14. gunssb

    gunssb G&G Newbie

    offtopic but did you see the test on that add-on humvee armor on Mail Call - the glass won't let a x39 bullet thru even at a quite short range. pretty impressive technology.
  15. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    Due to the AK's design, a real monkey can screw up the site on any AK, but it's usually the Romanians that have the canted site problem. I've never heard such a thing about a Bulgarian.
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