New romance with the old Browning

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    So I pulled out the Browning Mark III that's been sitting in the safe, ignored for a couple of years, and took it to the range. The thing proceeded to malfunction with every mag that I tried, causing me to look closely at it.
    The lube that had been on the gun had turned to sticky varnish which yielded to a couple of squirts of Break Free CLP.
    After that, the pistol was marvelous! While I have never cared for the dull finish of the Mark III compared to the high polish of the classic Hi Power, I like the feel-the pistol seems smallish after having been shooting a CZ 75B and an XDM, and the 3 vertical bar sights seem perfect for my eyes.
    I was hitting the 1" black pasters at 7 yds pretty regularly with open sights.
    I can not for the life of me remember why I have ignored this fine firearm all this time.
    I ordered a new set of grips and am going to take this baby our a whole lot more regularly. Now I have to pull out the FEG and shoot that some.
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    DocAitch: Sir, "pictures":) go good with stories:) Follow up with the New Grips":)

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    New Hi power grips

    Here are some shots before and after the new grips. The original grips on the Hi Power Mark III were black plastic and I had replaced them a couple of years ago with some cheap($14) walnut grips from Sportsman's Guide.
    Those were sharply angled, did not fit well and they impinged on the magazine well causing some binding of the magazine . The new ones are Hogue Cocobolo and they are really nice-the are all checkered except the very top and taper nicely front to back and round the grip profile a bit.
    Just put them on this evening, will have to wait until next week to shoot again.
    Old grips
    New grips
    Interestingly, the randomly chosen cartridge case that I used to prop the pistol in the last picture is a 7.5x54 French , and the French Government was the originator of the specifications for what became the Hi Power.