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Hi, just wanted to say hi, I am a Ruger owner new to this forum. I own guns by many manufacturers, but my Rugers are my favorites.

Mini-14 181-serial 1980 manufacture Choate folding stock B square scope mount. BSA 4x32mm Duplex scope / BSA 11 position red dot sight

10/22 started as a blue/wood carbine several years ago. Evolved into a squirrel slayer via Butler Creek .920 Co-Polymer barrel/stock combo and volquartsen grand master action kit. Trigger breaks at 2 pounds, no overtravel. Swift 2-7x40mm scope

Blackhawk .357 Convertible (w/ 9mm Parabellumn cylinder) blued, Oversized wood grips ($15 at pawnshop), 5.5" barrel "Made in 200th year of American Liberty"

SuperBlackhawk .44 blued, Houge grips, 10.5" barrel

Mk3 512 .22lr blued, weaver base, bull barrel

I also have owned a PC9 and a .44 carbine (the old one that looks like a 10/22. I bought it from my cousin, he bought it back. I don't miss it, I have the SBH now.)

Anyway, look forward to talking to you all about my loves.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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