new russian missile crisis lol

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  1. Just saw this on the news a fire at a russian military base caused missiles to launch and start fires out side of the base. They didnt evacuate civilians and thankfully no one was killed. The video was pretty neat the smoke in the back round with missiles shooting off in random directions.
    I found a link that shows the video
    BBC NEWS | World | Military fire sets off missiles
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    My dark sense of humor is highly amused..... :scool:

  3. Fortunately

    this minor disaster did not set off a larger disaster.
    A great fear from the decade after the end of the Soviet era
    was an accidental launch of a missile that would fly beyond
    the borders of Russia.
    It didn't happen but what would a NATO or non-Russian country
    have done if a missile was headed their way plus the Russians
    were sending radio messages it was an accident?
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    Like that movie WARGAMES