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    Good day all,
    I am a city boy from Northern California where you don't grow up hunting or learn how to shoot a gun, or learn about guns (in the right way). Anyway we moved to Georgia and just purchased a Maverick 88 BBL1 20" PLN Cylinder bore 8 shot 3". Now what does all that mean? I also just bought some ammo for it, but don't want to use it because I don't know if it's the correct ammo. Remington Slugger Rifled Slugs 1 oz. Lead Slug, and Remington 12 GA * 2 3/4" * 3 DR. EQ. * 1200 FPS * 1 1/8 OZ. * 8 Shot. Will some of you pro's school me. :feedback:
  2. Congrats on the moved out of Cali. to Georgia and on the new shotgun. Welcome to the G&G forums. Lots to read and even more to learn. Many great and helpful people here. Enjoy.

    If you have a smooth bore barrel you can use a rifled slug. Don't use sabot slugs though, if I've finally gotten it right myself, those are for rifled shot gun barrels? If not, someone will correct me. I think I've finally gotten it right myself as far as slugs. lol. Also, on the side of your barrel or in the manual it should say whether or not it shoots 2 3/4", 3" or both sizes shot shells...
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  3. HI feller ! If the shotgun you bought is a 12ga. it will handle the ammo you bought just fine.
    Your aware you bought a personal/home defense shotgun arn't you ? And that it's not going to be what you really need to hunt with.

    The slugs are for Big Game hunting and are used for personal defense as well,
    The 8 shot is what we call bird shot and at real close range could be nasty to someone shot with it and depending how close it can be lethal.

    Anymore question"s please ask and thank you for Joining Gun and Game !!! ...A.H
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    Hey buddy, welcome to G&G! First off, the nomenclature indicates Mossberg Maverick shotgun made in Eagle Pass, Tx. (on the border w\Mexico). Your gun has a 20 inch barrel, indicating a defense-type weapon. I'm unsure about firing slugs through it, I would contact Mossberg first. The Remington ammo will be fine, but is primarily a hunting\target type ammo. For home defense, I'd suggest a 00 buckshot load such as the Hornady TAP, etc...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I knew it was home defense due to the loud shaaakraaak noise it makes in the middle of night. I will contact remington and mossberg for further info. I am itching to take it to the range, but it is indoors and we are only able to use slugs. Don't want to ruin a brand new gun. need it just in case the shoomar hits the fan.
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    My science teacher was shot with birdshot and he's just fine. :]

    Also, welcome to G&G my friend! I know next to nothing about shotguns, unfortunately. However, you would do well to learn quite a bit about them before using them(and anything else) at all. Learn about Gauges and Rifling and all that. Remember this: Wikipedia, Google, and the History Channel are your friends. =]

    Remember this as well: if this is the first firearm you've ever bought/handled, take a course on proper firearm safety and useage. You'll be glad you took it.

    And another thing! (I'm on a roll! :D) when you shoot that bad boy, be sure to wear hearing and eye protection. Guns are WAY louder than anything you've heard in the movies. Even a .22 can damage your hearing.

    One more thing! I promise! Haha! If you're into History, may I suggest purchasing a Mosin Nagant rifle? They're very cheap (anywhere from $50-$150) and a blast (literally) to shoot! Hehe. You'll be hearing about them a lot on here!

    Once again, welcome to the Forums. I'm Ferroflame, and I'm really hyper right now!
  7. I have a Mossberg Model 500 Shotgun and I bought and put the 18 1/2" security barrel on it. It's a smooth bore barrel with a cylinder choke and bead sight. I can shoot rifle slugs through it so if your barrel is smooth bore, you can shoot rifled slugs, but not Sabot slugs. In fact, the slugs I bought for mine say right on the box safe to use or can use in smooth bored barrels.

    If you're still unsure, by all means, contact Mossberg as advised...Good luck..
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    OK, how do I tell if it's a smooth bore or not?
  9. Because it's smooth on the inside, really. A rifled bore barrel will have raised lands inside the barrel that you can see and touch.

    Please note Mossberg who made your nice shotgun also has other barrels available for your shotgun if you should ever decide to hunt with it and they even have a rifled barrels too/
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    You can fire the foster type slug safely through any barrel of the same guage including screwin chokes as long as they are tight.I have even seen them fired through the .665" turkey choke multiple times with no damage.Due to the fact that sd/hd is supposed to be a last resort up front and personal encounter,and slugs/heavy buck penetrate deep and may breech walls much more than lighter shot after having traversed through a body,light 'birdshot'should be considered for defense.Light shot commonly starts spreading at 7' and can be depended on for fatal performance at 30'.If their is no danger of breeching walls or an accidental kill beyond the intended target,slugs/buckshot is best.I would not buy sabots for a smoothbore but if you have them they can be employed for sd/hd as,even tho they aren't as accurate from a smoothbore as a rifled bbl.,none the less they are plenty accurate at the range you would consider sd/hd range. sam.
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    first off welcome to the forum,
    your shotgun can fire 2 3/4 and 3in shells just fine, you CANNOT shoot 3 1/2 inch shells in it though.
    dont be afraid to ask any questions everyone here is very helpful
    enjoy the new gun
  12. Well first of all Welcom to G an G! Next yes you can shoot that ammo in that gun. Don't shoot 3 1/2 shells in it though. And it won't be really good for hunting. It was designed for self defence. You can shoot anything out of it just remember when you look for ammo look at what it says about how long the shell is. Keep it 3 inch or under. Good luck and Good shooting!
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    Thanks for all the help. Now how do I break it down to clean it?