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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by zviking, May 12, 2002.

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    I recently purchaced one of the new Springfield M1 Garands at a local Sportsman store in Boise Idaho. I paid $799.00. The receiver is a Breda #1873. The rifle has all SA parts and a new Springfield barrel. According to an Email I received from a Springfield rep there were only 400 Breda receivers used. These receivers are forged, the rest of the receivers are a cast receiver. I know alot of you paid far less for a CMP rifle but when I saw this rifle in brand new condition I felt the price was worth it. I waited several days before putting any rounds through it. It was almst too beautiful to shoot, almost like having a new baby.
    Just thought I would share the info.:assult:
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    You found quite a deal. The MSRP is around 900 or more, I paid a little over 800 for mine, also Breda, so congratulations! Do pay attention to the warning on the ammo, though. I've had doubles on Hornady, Remington, and surplus (Lake City head stamp, but must be reloads). I finally got in some CCI #34 primers and no more problems. No damage to anything but my nerves. Needed the primers for other auto loaders, anyway. Just startd sighting in today, but will have to finish later. The wind around my place can be really calm, but 20 miles away at the range it was blowing 20 and gusting higher. Happens all the time. Must be the trees around the neighborhood. Enjoy your new piece, and safe shooting.

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    Re: New Breda M1 From Springfield

    Not to rain on your parade , but I suspect that very few of the parts are new , & if they are new , they are probably cast ( with the exception of the barrel and / or bolt ) , like on a M1A .

    If they are not badly worn , used USGI parts are probably better than new cast commercial parts .

    You get used but good parts on a CMP rifle . Re-barrel the CMP rifle & put new wood on it & re-parkerize it & you will not be able to tell it from the one from AS , Inc. .

    God Bless

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    I did not mean to mislead anyone, My M1 has all SA parts (except the Breda receiver) in new condition, not with all brand new parts. It comes with a Lifetime warranty, an FM 23-5, 4 clips and a fresh stock Smell. MMMM
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    :nod: I'm pickin up my new Springfield this sunday!

    I can hardly stand the wait!!

    One thing the new SA garands have over the CMP ones:

    a lifetime warranty!!

  7. I just picked up an H&R. The very day I got it I sent my stocks off to Stock Doc. I have the whole thing disassembled and I am debating if I should buy an H&R barrel to make it correct. The barrel is SA from '65 and the wear on the bore seems like it is pitted. I stuck a bullet in the muzzle and it didnt eat the whole thing, the space left on it was about 1/8th of an inch. I have been trying to clean the bore as best as I can. The guy I bought it from said that he will buy this barrel off me for $50 and the H&R barrel would be $75. I just cant wait to get the stocks back from Rick B. and get this thing cleaned up to take out to the range.