New stainless Raptor II

Discussion in 'Kimber' started by TJ Chapman, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. TJ Chapman

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    image.jpg I’m super excited that I finally got myself a Raptor. So what are some things I should know about my first Kimber? The salesman made mention of much tighter tolerances than other 1911s so will take longer break-in period. Should I stick with one type of ammo during break-in? And what brands/types/grain of .45 should I look for or avoid?
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  2. grizcty

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    What a beauty!

    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
    Stop by the Introduction thread, and say "hello".
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  3. Coach

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    Beauty! I know Kimber wants you to change out the Recoil spring after about 600 rounds or so.
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  4. Dutch

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    The answer to the ammo question is whatever standard velocity ammo that will feed reliably. I can offer nothing more specific.

    nice looking pistol. Welcome to the forum.
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  5. If1Hitu

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    That is a awesome looking Kimber pistol for sure.
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  6. TJ Chapman

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    I finally got a chance to shoot it for the first time. Loved it. Light recoil, Super nice trigger, made it easy and enjoyable to put lead on target. Ran a few different brands of 230 grain FMJ for about 100 rounds. Only one misfeed on the red box brass Federal.
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  7. ChaZam

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    That's a sweet looking firearm. Hope it serves you well...
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  8. cjleete

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    Don't put your eye out!
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