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  1. i just recently got into shooting and hunting so these are the guns i have so far the first is a ruger .30-06 and a savage 17 hmr i and getting a cz .22 and have a 12-g but is not pictured also the .30-06 can i put a recoul pad on it idk if the stock is right to?

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    if it is a synthetic stock then yes as for wood stock im not to might have to look do you like that savage 17hmr? i also have one (accutrigger and heavy barrel) and i love it, shoots very acurate

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    I don't see why you couldn't, there are the slip-on type that fit right over the butt and theres a type you can sew into your jacket. Don't know anything about quality, I don't have anything bigger than .308 and its a semi-auto so no real need, but I'm sure someone here knows. BTW that CZ whichever model you are getting will be highly addictive and you'll probably accidentally start driving to the range when going home, to get groceries, etc.
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    I believe Limbsaver makes recoil pads that will fit the stock, you may have to do some grinding on the pad, however, for a perfect fit.
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    check out the remmington home page they are producing a new recoil pad that feels great. I beleive they are making it to fit other brands as well. If not just get a slip on recoil pad.

    Nice rifle dont think of it as a begeiner gun but a working mans gun who wants a good product but without the sticker price of a high cost brand. While your looking at rifles check out savage.