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Taurus New Taurus 709 9mm For the Wife

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by CountryBoy, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    Went shopping with the wife yesterday looking for her a replacement handgun. I have shamed her into going to her CCL with me, and we were looking to upgrade from her little Jennings .380. My buddy said they had gone out of business and he wasnt interested in trading in any way. So we looked and settled on the Taurus 709 9mm, its physically a little bigger than its predecessor yet still plenty small enough to conceal, it fits in her hand somewhat better. We will be purchasing a mag extension as it is a little short and there is no place for her pinkie, but the extension wont be a problem. Does anyone know of any avaliable higher capacity magazines? it came with 7 rnd mags. I have looked somewhat on the internet and havent really found anything. Also anyone have any reviews good or bad on this little jewel??

  2. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor


    Halmech: Sir, good to take "Mrs.'Halmech" on a shopping spree:) 2 more conscientious citizens CCR's to be:)

  3. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

  4. Congrats to you and the Wife!

    I've got a couple 709s for CC.

    I had some problems with certain ammo, namely the econo Value-Pack of 100 count Federal that Walmart used to sell in my area. Shot everything else I could find without issues (brass, aluminum, steel, copper washed).

    Pearce makes a pinky extension, Pearce Grip Extension Taurus 709, 740 Polymer Black PG709.

    As for the extended 9 round magazine that Taurus said they would produce, hasn't happened to my knowledge.
  5. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    Ok friends I'm p;($)d I went to pick up the wife's new toy at lunch and was denied. I know you guys don't personally know me, but I am as clean as a bell there is something wrong with this. They told me they don't know what I need to do they never have dealt with a denial. He did he would get me a phone number to call to find out what's up. He also said it could be 6 months before I can try again. I was going to go on the 23rd to get take my concealed class and get the ball rolling on that process.
    Glad I found out now otherwise that would have been $200 down the drain. My wife thinks its because of the anti gov and pro gun posts I make on fb and this forum. I told her that is illegal they can't deny me because of this. HELP!!
  6. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    New Taurus 709 9mm fFor the Wife

    Well this really sucks, I finally got in phone contact with NiCS and they can't tell me anything over the phone. I have to go to a website print off a fingerprint card, go to the sheriffs office and get fingerprinted, send the fingerprints in with an appeals form, go through and appeal process and then maybe I can find out why I was denied. What ever happened to innocent til proven guilty? Not only that but I had to do a lot of talking to get my wife to agree to get a CCL, and a new gun. I'm afraid that is all down the drain now. They won't let her pick it up because she has the same physical address as mine. She has now said just get our money back and I will keep what I have,don't guess there is much of a choice.But why does she get denied the right to buy just because I was denied and we live in the same house? There is nothing right about this at all. They have just turned her even more against wanting to get a lic and a new gun now. Thank You FBI, NICS, and who ever else is responsible!!!
  7. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Don't give up. The political atmosphere nowadays has caused a lot of these problems. Even the simplest thing on the application could have caused the application to be denied. I hope that you dont give up, is maybe what the feds want.

    Also, being "clean" (without any reason for gun permit denial) seems to have taken on a new meaning. It's anybody's guess about why you were refused a permit. Makes me wonder about this even more. Are the feds monitoring our posts on the web and everywhere else? That thought is why I cleared everything off my facebook posts a couple years back.

    Good luck,

  8. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    Continue Your CCR fulfillment

    Halmech: Sir, same name, entered info wrong, issues. You will need finger prints anyway.
    Aggravating for sure. Do it grudgingly. But do it for yourself, family and friends. You know your history. You know you are a good citizen.

    As far as being on these sites, including Facebook, "Mrs.''Halmech" I'm on their mailing list, phone list, crap list, facebook. You cannot be denied for first amendment rights.
  9. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    New Taurus 709 9mm fFor the Wife

    Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it!! I am just aggravated, I'll cool down and be ok. I'm not giving up. It just disappointed me on my wife's behalf. She isn't anti gun but she isn't a gun nut either and this has put a bad taste in her mouth. I think we have a short term solution worked out (wink wink). Hopefully it won't take long to get my end cleared up so we can pursue our CCL's. Once again, thanks for your support. It means a lot!!
  10. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Same thing just happened to my little bro, initial application was denied. But he has a very common first and last name. Transfer guy just told him to wait a bit, the transfer gut would get it straightened out. A few days later he called my bro and said come and get the gun, everything was fixed.

    One question, did you ever tell the gun dealer you were there to pick up your WIFE's gun? He might have thought you were trying to make a straw purchase.
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  11. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    New Taurus 709 9mm fFor the Wife

    No Sir, no mention of the wife. The guy at the gun shop didn't know what to do. I mean he was polite, but he told me this was the first time he had anyone be denied. Likewise I told him this was the first time I had been denied. But he didn't offer to try to clear anything up as I said already he didn't know what to do. I will just have to go thru the NICS appeal process. I am at their mercy. I had a speeding ticket two years ago so I called and made sure that they had record of my payment and that there wasn't a warrant out for me and I was in the clear there. That is the ONLY thing that I have. We will see when I go they the process.
  12. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    You might not be at their mercy completely, and other legal avenues might be available. You also might be able to straighten things out with them at some point.

    I write this assuming you have NO disqualifying items on your record. It is possible for NICS to make a mistake; this is made less likely if you enter your SSAN. If you didn't do this, you can try it next time.

    Why not have your wife buy it herself--from a different dealer if necessary ? If for some wacky reason the shared address is the problem how about using another address if she has relatives in OK and she stays with them from time to time and can legitimately use the address ? Again assuming you both do not have any bona-fide disqualifications. There is no reason you cannot have HER try also.

    IF you have a CHL in your home state this usually does not require a NICS. So IF you have a CHL (or she does) you might try this.

    IF you still want the gun and don't want to wait I'd suggest a private sale which does not require NICS in most states. There is nothing illegal about any of this so long as you haven't any of the disqualifying conditions. I encourage this as a matter of fact from those legally able to own firearms. I think OK is a state that allows private transactions with no paperwork so were I you I'd pursue this.

    There is NO reason for a bureaucratic snag to stand in your way--legally or morally--from having a firearm. In the grand scheme of things having ANY NICS or ANY other form of background check is a clear infringement of the 2A. It is one we are powerless to do much about--but think about it. Do you go through a background check by the government to become a Catholic or Baptist ? Radical Islamists kill more people than firearms do--do we require a background check for someone to practice Islam or possess a Koran (this would probably be more beneficial from a public safety standpoint) ? How about a permit to write words on this site or speak on the phone ? These rights are all in the same bill of rights--in fact the 2A is stronger in that it VERY clearly says "shall not be infringed." Yet the state does this--4473's and NICS checks are one way they do it. It is immoral, unconstitutional and wrong, but there is little we can do about it.

    EXCEPT legally navigate our way around it when we can. This might indeed be thought of as a DUTY by a good citizen. Why would we be so quick to rail against a law suppressing our freedom of speech, press, or religion yet accept the clear infringement of "background checks" on our 2A ?

    This is WHY we must be vigilant in preventing "universal background checks" of ANY sort--not only are they unconstitutional but immoral as well. It is the duty of free men to oppose things like this in every way possible.

    I really doubt btw than any anti-government rants would do anything NICS wise for what it is worth.
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  13. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    New Taurus 709 9mm fFor the Wife

    Thank you for your response sir. Neither myself or my wife have any disqualifications that I am aware of. This is kinda complicated but here goes. We live on Ok/Ar stateline, in a little suburb town of Ft Smith Ar. I mean our little town has a couple churches, a post office and a convience store. Any and everything we need usually comes from Ft Smith. I have a buddy that owns a gun shop in Ft Smith. We went looking Saturday and purchased the (paid for) the gun. Since I live in Ok and his store is in Ar, he has to transfer it to an Ok shop with an FFL. She actually wrote the check Saturday. But I went to pick it up today at lunch as it is closer for me to go at lunch than her. I don't get off work til 5:00 and she would be hard pressed to get there by 5:00. She usually tied up running kids somewhere after work. So out of convenience for the both of us I was gonna pick it up at lunch. Since I was denied they wouldn't let her have it either because she lives at the same address as me. We ain't have CCL as of yet, but we are in the process. It aggregates me that she is being punished for something I supposedly have against me. We have it worked out to pick the gun up maybe will see tomorrow. I will appease the NICS people and go through their appeals process. Like you said it isn't right, but we are at their mercy. It has to be a mistake on their part, I am clean...
    Anyway thank you for your response.
  14. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Happy to help; it sounds like you are the victim of some type of bureaucratic snag. I would go through the appeals process no matter what like you said--but there is no reason she (or you) should not have a gun in the mean time and I hope it works out with her processing the paperwork.

    Like I said as long as you don't have any bona-fide legally outstanding disqualifications for buying or owning a firearm there would be nothing wrong with a private sale in OK (after you check OK state law) from a non-dealer which (at least here in TX) needs no paperwork or NICS--and this is all quite legal.

    I personally shed no tears in folks finding a (legal) way around a law that shouldn't be there in the first place.

    Good luck to you both :)
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  15. A deny means there is something that hit based on the information you provided. I've filled enough out and dealt with enough when I had my 01 FFL.

    It could be based on your name. Usually if it was just your name, your SSN, if you provided, it would clear it up. For future purchases obtain a Unique Person Identification number. If you entered both it could be something like IRS or stolen identify issue.

    Either way your only recourse via purchasing through an FFL would be to appeal.

    Purchasing a pistol as a gift for spouses is not considered a straw purchase as long they are same state residents and legally able to own firearms....However, the straw purchase determination is made by the individual FFL at the time of purchase. I know an FFL who soley does transfers for online purchases and if the purchaser gets denied, he will not release the firearm to anyone except the originating FFL.
  16. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    New Taurus 709 9mm fFor the Wife

    I didn't provide the SSN, it said optional on the form so I asked to be sure and he no it wasn't needed. He had never dealt with a seminal before and didn't know what to do. He didn't ask for the SSN to try it again. I will go thru the appeal process and hopefully get it cleared up and get the UPIN. There was no mention of a gift or another party involved. I just told him I was there to pick up the Taurus. Hopefully it won't take too awfully to go thru the process.
    As I said before I know you guys don't know me personally, but I can assure you it has to be a mistake. I am clean.
  17. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    Got the Taurus picked up yesterday in a round about way... Wil start my process to appeal and hopefully overturn my denial when I go on my next days off. I'm sure it will be a lengthy process. I will update when all is said and done and let you all know the outcome. Thanks for all your posts and comments!!
  18. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Glad y'all got the gun you wanted--that is the important thing
  19. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    You don't have any outstanding tickets or anything like that do you? My mother was denied a few years ago and when she requested the reason of denial they told her she had an outstanding ticket (she paid it) and there was a warrant issued for her. She found the receipt of the ticket and took it to the court and they had to clear it up. Took them a little while and some apologizing to her about the trouble it had caused her.
  20. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    I did get a speeding ticket about two years ago. But I paid it before my court date. The guy at NICS mentioned calling to check on it. So I called the sheriffs department in that county and they said I was in the clear.