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    I haven't really shot a bow since boy scouts and wanted to get into bow hunting. I picked up a used Bear magnum bow from someone the other day for $50. I had one of my coworkers look at it and said it was in shootable condition, string needed a good waxing but wasn't frayed or anything. I shot it a few times today and without a peepsite and getting a grouping of 4 arrows in a circle about the size of a paper plate at about 15 yards.

    It seems loud to me compared to the one I borrowed from my brother-in-law and I think I found out why. The metal bracket that holds the top cam on is bent a little and when I draw the bow the cam turns kind of crooked. I figure that is causing the noise since it came from the top of the bow.

    I know I should have this looked at and fixed but can I keep shooting it like this? Is there a place online to look up parts for this so I know what the part will cost for when I get it fixed? Also, there is no tag or markings on the bow. I am calling it a Bear Magnum only from being told by the previous owner that it was one.

    Thanks for any info anyone can give me.
  2. If I were you, and if you have a Gander Mountain near you, I'd just call and ask if they have one particular person when it comes to archery and if so, find out when he, or she works and bring it in and have it looked at.

    As for parts, again, you take it to someone or somewhere that is knowledgeable, they'll be able to tell you right then and there.

    If you can take and post a picture or two of what you're talking about, someone might be able to better assist/help or direct you?

  3. I don't want this to sound rude or anything but if you're going to bowhunt you should really consider buying a newer, much better bow. You owe it to the animal to make a clean kill.

    This would be a great budget bow for you - Cabela's -- Bear Archery Charge RTH Bow Package

    Last year I bought a Bear Lights Out bow (which is now discontinued) for $380 at cabelas, just the plain bow not the package deal. Its a great bow, I can get a 4" group at 50 yards pretty easily with it.
  4. While I completely agree no animal should be shot with something, gun or bow, that is going to injure or mame it or cause it to suffer instead of kill it, I'd also say in these times (things costing as much as they do or can) if you can take it to someone and find out it's actually something that can be easily and securely fixed and doing so will make it as good as any other and it won't injure or mame an animal and will kill it as good as any other bow, then I don't see a problem with doing it.

    But at the same time I'd also want to make sure, if it were myself as well, that new or used, or repaired, that I am capable of shooting it and taking an animal without causing it to suffer.

    Even if it's a new bow, if you can't hit or aren't good with it, and again, I include myself in this, I wouldn't even attempt to do so be it with a bow or a gun.

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    I do plan on getting a newer bow when my finances allow. This bow was pretty much for target shooting and to see if I want to bowhunt or not. I was going to buy a Darton Viper from my co-worker but he broke a limb on his bow and had to keep "mine" to hunt with. And now his wife might want him to keep the Viper for a spare. I will try to get a picture of what I am talking about late when I can.
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    if the cam is leaning, it is not safe to shoot. fix it or replace it. if it were in good condition, you can hunt with it. old slow bows kill just as well as the new speed demons on the market.