New to carbines, need advice.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by elcig, May 6, 2002.

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    Don't blaspheme me too much, but I had not owned a carbine until Friday night. Mostly I've collected German arms. I went to an auction Friday night to buy a particular luger. I was outbid on the luger but picked up an M1 and another gun. I'm trying to gauge whether I got ripped on the price of $475 or if it was a decent purchase. I'm going to list some of the identifying marks and hope to get some advice.
    Winchester s/n 5715748 under rear sight. Barrel is marked with a small "w" on top along with what appears to be a "WP" in a circle. Rear sight has an "H" within a shield. Trigger guard stamped with a "J". Safety is marked "EW" and mag release is marked "M". All above are in really nice condition with greyish-green patina. The stock is not original, it is in good shape but definately not GI. No bayonet lug but it came with a flash hider marked "hider-flash-m3-sa".
    My question is this, was the price decent and should I look at investing in an original stock? It shoots great but I don't want to invest too much if it isn't worthy. Also if anyone could recommend a good book on carbines it would be appreciated. Needless to say I have fallen in love with it in two day and thanks for any advice or info in advance.
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    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.Some of the other's can tell you more about what you have. Have a good 'smith check it out for safe operation,if it's ok,get some ammo for it and have some fun,great little guns.

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    Elcig, sounds like you have a very nice carbine there. The price was very good. Winchesters are very high-dollar carbines. If you are happy with it, who cares about the stock? If you want, go ahead and find a correct stock for it. I would restock it, and keep it as is. As far as books go, check out Also, check out They have the best books available on the War Baby. For a replacement stock, try Tell them what you have and they'll find you a correct stock. It may take a month or two, but they have very good/excellent stocks. Hope you enjoy it
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    I really appreciate the input. I was hoping it wasn't too bad of a price. I'll probably do a bit more research before investing in anything except a stock. I want to make sure it original inside as well.

    Thanks again
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    If it shoots accuratly with that stock , save it , never know how it will shoot with different wood .

    God Bless
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    I wish I could find a Winchester M-1 Carbine for less than $500 :assult:
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    Yeah Logansdad, I have an Underwood and its a fine rifle, shoots well (100 yards or less). My friend has a Winchester. I offered him 500 for it and he turned it down. The Winchesters are some of the rarest of the wartime rifles.
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    I've always wanted an M-1 Carbine but for the prices they command I can buy a new AR-15 :assult:
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    sometimes it's just a rich man's game.

    Uh, Miss, another bologney sandwitch & glass of water please.
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    Ok here is what you have.

    1. The "W" and "WP" on the barrel let you know that its a winchester barrel. And most manufacturers did not date their barrels after late 1943. And the fact that it does not have a bayonet lug lets us know that it is the original barrel.
    2. The "H" in sheild is the type II rear sight and is correct for your serial # range.
    3. The trigger guard might be a poorly stamped "U" for Underwood as no manufacturer used a "J" as their manufacture code.
    4. The safety marked "EW" is winchester.
    5. The mag release marked "M" is a type III and is a replacement. Correct would be "W"

    As for a stock it should have "W" in the rear sling well for a winchester. Earlier stocks were marked with crossed cannons of varying sizes and WRA/GHD on the right side of the buttstock. After 5,720,000 the WRA/GHD was deleated and just had crossed cannons woth the "W" in the sling recess were used. THey are out there but you will pay for it if the person selling it knows what they have.
    And as for all the other parts on the rifle they should all be marked with a "W" for winchester. Any other letter will be a replaced part. But you did good on the price, Winchesters tend to bring a higher price cause they are the original producers of the carbine.

    Two good books are..

    1 Bruce N. Canfeilds COMPLETE GUIDE to the M-1 Garand and M-1 Carbine. and.

    2 U.S. M-1 Carbines Wartime Production. By Craig Riesch.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your carbine.
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    And it would probibly make you cry to find out that I was given a 1943 Winchester that has never been touched since it was issued with the WRA/GHD and crossed cannons stamped stock....Every part a winnie. I really got lucky on that one.
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    the little carbines are addictive! ive got a standard products and im about yanking my hair out trying to find a rock-ola!!! i know i will find it when im flat broke!...just my luck lol
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    Hey! Doc! a J could be a winchester! Underwood marked their trigger housings with a U in the mag well. The way to tell for sure is to disassemble the trigger housing. Look at the hole where the arm of the trigger goes through to the safety. In a Winchester, the hole os more of a three leaf clover shape. All other makers used an oval hole that resembles the sling/oiler cut. Winchester housings also will usually have a number or letter on the bottom, between the mag well and the trigger guard.