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    Good Morning,
    I've recently acquired a FEB GKK. I was intrigued by the combination of DA and 45acp. It looks unfired and has it's original packaging. Reading some of the comments, and I know not all guns are built with the same care, despite the manufacturer, this specific example is pristine. The bluing is more blue that black and very well executed.
    She has been sitting in the safe waiting for a rainy day go the range with me and some of her new friends. Today is the day :)
    Hopefully she will acquit herself
  2. Saw some pics of it google. looks like a nice pistol, but show us pics of yours. I own a P9R which looks similiar to you GKK. FEG made nice fire arms I think, and they aren't bad on the pocket book either. Let us know how she does when you get a chance for some range time.

  3. And welcome to G&G, great group of people here, and very professionals individuals on here as well. Enjoy!