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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Dario A., Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Dario A.

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    Hello everyone! My name is Dario. I'm new to guns, and also this forum. I realized that my house does not have anything to keep my family safe in it, be it an alarm system or even a bat to use in case some intruder breaks in; now I know a gun might be an extreme solution, but honestly, I want to learn how to use one just in case I ever find myself needing to. In the future, I do plan on making interstate travel, so if I can get a concealed weapons permit in my state of Florida, then I would be able to use it in other states that accept it.

    But like I said, I'm new to guns and shooting in general. I've looked up some good Youtube videos, but I know nothing beats an in-person training at a dedicated gun range. However, due to this current pandemic, that is most likely out of the question for the time being.

    I've bought a handgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P .380 EZ, and I'll be going to pick it up tomorrow. If anyone has any useful resources here on this forum, then I'll be glad to accept it! Thanks, everyone!
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    Welcome to the forum. Best I can put you on is Hickoc45 on YouTube. I'll send a link in another post.

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  3. Dario A.

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    Thanks for the reply! I've seen a few of his videos, yeah. He seems like a nice guy hah. There is a big gun community on Youtube that's for sure. I'm currently watching his video on concealed carry, so I know what to look out for later down the road.
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  4. neophyte

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    Dario A.: Sir; Welcome from NC
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  5. ChaZam

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    Welcome to Gun & Game. Ask around at your local gun stores and find a good firearms safety training class with a good instructor. That would provide you with a good foundation about shooting, safe handling in general, etc. Chances are that the instructor might also be one who gives the concealed carry classes as well.
  6. ChaZam

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    And Dario A, we do have several regular members on G&G who are from Florida also. If they knew what part of the state you are in they just might be able to direct you towards the instruction and training that you're seeking.
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  7. jwrauch

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    Welcome from Kentucky.
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  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    Dario, welcome to the Forum from the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York. The advice to find a good instructor and learn from him is excellent. I'll add my two cents: Practice, practice, practice!

    I suggest you get yourself a second pistol, a .22 LR pistol, ideally one with the same controls as your S&W M&P, and begin your training with that. .22 LR is a lot less expensive that .380 ACP. You can learn the basics with your .22, and then when you can put a round where you want it to go, move up to the M&P and put your training to good use.

    The .380 ACP is a fun round; I own a few pistols that shoot it, and a few 9x18 Makarovs, which is the ComBloc equivalent. It's not a hand-spanker, and it's not a thunderer. With the right load, it will serve as a personal defense round provided you can place your shots where they will do the most good. And that is where your practice comes in.
  9. BigEd63

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What I'm gonna recommend Warrior Talk and Suarez International for self defense training and CCW procedures.

    It's good to have different points of view and iron sharpens iron.
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  10. runfiverun

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    best advice I can give.
    front sight and squeeze.
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  11. blaster

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    welcome from the Keys. where in Fla. are you?
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  12. Welcome from North Carolina!

    Take the time to get used to handling pistol. Learn it's quirks, get comfortable with carrying it, practice loading and unloading, drawing and aiming. But do it unloaded to start. IMO that's the best way to get comfortable with it and prevent accidents.

    Take classes once you can and if you're already comfortable with your gun, you'll be better off from the get go.
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  13. blue fox

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    Welcome Sir from Leavenworth, Ks. You have already gotten much good advice from folks here. The only thing I might add is to get a good 12 gauge shotgun to go with that 380 for the house. there is something about it that helps.
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  14. Dario A.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I'll see about replying to everyone in this post, hopefully, it doesn't get too long.

    I found a nice gun store near me that offers firearm safety and first-time shooter class; sadly, due to the pandemic, they're short on staff now and it'll be hard to find a time to do a class.

    I'm from the South Florida area! Someone mentioned they're from the Keys and I'm glad they are. That county is all locked down and they only have about a couple hundred cases, whereas everywhere around them are in the thousands. I'm personally in Broward County.

    Thanks for your post! I have to ask, why are there so many different brands of ammunition when there are only a few common cartridges? Is it the grain of the round that is different? What would be a good brand to start off with, and how do I know if a brand is good enough to use safely in my firearm? Ah sorry for all the questions.

    Will do! I'm going to get the gun tomorrow and I am not gonna buy any ammo for it just yet. I really do wanna get comfortable with it. Learn how all the parts feel ergonomically, the magazine. I personally love tinkering with things, but ah I should probably do a bio for my account now that I'm here.

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I can't wait to get more engaged here!
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  15. blue fox

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    ammo brands are like beer and food, everybody likes to get into the scene and make some money. Probably all of the brands are good stuff but I would suggest buying a box of each(not all at once) and finding what you and your pistol both like. some guns function better with a certain brand over others.
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  16. Dario A.

    Dario A. G&G Enthusiast

    Interesting. How do I know when I have found the right ammo match for me and my gun?
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  17. chesterwin

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    Welcome to Gun and Game.

    I feel a good answer to this question is to imagine being Helen Keller. You'll feel it.
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  18. MosinRuger

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    I also Suggest he get a s&W mp22C its very similar in size, shape and controls to the 380 ez. this will allow to shoot cheaper and get better with shooting, and use the .380 for defense. .380 isnt the best round but its not bad either. as long as you can put them where it counts is what matters.

    I suggest you pick up a couple boxes of some cheap fmj .380, and then 2 boxes of defensive .380 ammo. shoot the fmj, then at least a mag or two, maybe a whole box, of the defensive ammo, then save the rest, one box of fmj and one of the defensive ammo. this way you can both make sure that the defense ammo runs in the gun, and also get some practice in with the cheaper ammo, and have some left over Just In Case.

    remember a gun without ammo is just an expensive paper weight.
  19. Dario A.

    Dario A. G&G Enthusiast

    Do you guys have any recommendations of ammo brands to buy from?
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  20. LittleRascle

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    I love hornady zmax.

    But, I carry a 1911 chambered in .45 acp.

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