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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Dario A., Jun 22, 2020.

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    Welcome to G&G from Indiana...... try different brands of ammo, is the best you can do. Sooner or later, you'll hit the sweet spot. On-line training is no match for face-to-face, if you can arrange it.
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    I would love to do in-person training, but how can I do that while still being safe from the virus in this current situation? Obviously masks and stuff but hmm...
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    New York
    Dario, with regard to storing your ammo, try this. Look online and find a.50 caliber ammo box conversion kit. It's basically a steel bolt with two O-rings and a wide, flat nut, with a hole drilled through the shaft perpendicular to the bolt axis. You drill a hole to slip the bolt through after putting one O-ring on the shaft up to the head. You then put on the other O-ring and screw down the flat nut. The stud stick out the hole in the strongarm handle of the ammo box. Put a lock through the stud, and you can't open the ammo box without undoing the lock first.

    Total cost is probably about $15 for the ammo box and $10 for the stud, and probably $8 for a three number combination lock you can set to whatever number you want.
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    You have probably made that older gentleman's day by holding that conversation with him. I am sure he would enjoy going to the range with someone from the younger generation. Well done young Padawan, WELL DONE.
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    By the way, I don't think anyone has suggested this. Might be the best way to find a good instructor is to go on the NRA's website and check there. You will also definitely find a lot of good info for new gun owners there.
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    As you get little range time in with your firearm and possibly get to try a few others you'll get much more adept at racking the slide and locking it back. Your hand strength and grip will improve, your technique will improve, your muscle memory will internalize somethings that you had to work your way through initially. Repetition strengthens and confirms...

    You also mentioned in another post about too much lube. Most firearms do not require much lube at all, and they require it in just a few critical points. (usually pointed out in most owner's manuals) A brand new firearm though I will run a wee bet wetter than I do after they've gone through a suitable break in for a particular model. Don't worry though about shiny spots developing between the frame and the slide as long as it is smooth, that's just normal break in wear. If however it's rough or galled and metal is being shaved or scraped off, that is abnormal and you should contact the manufacturer for warranty assistance.
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    Thanks for the responses guys! Good to see this topic still going.

    I went ahead and picked up my ammo yesterday and did some practice loads with my magazine. Holy crap is it hard to load a magazine all the way down. If it weren't for these black tabs that my magazine has that I can use my thumb to push down (funnily enough, my right thumb is much better at this than my left thumb, and yes I'm a righty) I wouldn't be able to get past four rounds in my eight-round magazine. But I am still practicing and so I'm finding my technique for loading without the tab too.

    I did load the firearm with rounds in the magazine and learned how to rack the slide back as such. Safety on, thumb away from the trigger, and the barrel pointed away from anything I don't wanna destroy; I think for my first gun it's great to have a manual thumb safety there for added protection. Racking the slide slowly does produce more errors in loading that's for sure. No wonder we're taught to let the gun rack itself once you pull it back. Someone on Youtube said, "Guns are robust; they're made to be handled roughly. If you're not comfortable with that, then you shouldn't be shooting." which I find quite interesting.

    I'm all ready for the range I think. What a journey it has been.
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    Congrats on your jerney thus far.

    As someone who was raised around firearms & hunting, it is interesting to see your insight into firearm ownership from a "noob" who is handling his first firearm.

    Always be safe.
    I cannot preach on that enough.

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    Ya....I’ve got a Smith 69 (with the pachmyrs which are comfortable; your grips look great and much better style-wise) and I don’t much shoot it with the full up magnum rounds (due to the short barrel). My favorite load is a .44 Special with 8.2 grains universal under a 245 grain Keith (which is hot for a .44 Special but fine in the magnum).
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    I have a couple boxes of Winchester silvertip .44 spl for the "goober blaster". Expensive but they were given to me
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    Always exercise firearms safety recommendations, read your firearms manual, buy plenty of ammo and practice. The internet has so much to offer. Hi kick 45 is good advice you were given from another member.