New to hunting in SE Iowa Area

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by joamariel, Aug 15, 2010.

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    So I am new to SE Iowa and new to hunting. I left Texas and all my connections for hunting opportunities. Anyone know of a way for me to get connected with someone who would take me out or any good places to learn more and possibly get out on my own on some public land?
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    Go to local gun shops and talk hunting,join an outdoor range,last but often best contact DNR/game warden.Usually they are glad to help. ,,,sam.

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    Hello joamariel and welcome to Iowa.
    Here is a link to the Iowa DNR site, there is a lot of info at that site about season dates and weapon restriction and a lot more.
    Another good place to look for public hunting land is by using the sportsman's atlas. It shows back roads as well as public hunting land. It is sold at wally world and resembles a large road atlas.
    I live and hunt NE Iowa or I would hook ya up with some public land and hunting connections.
    Just out of curiosity what do ya hunt? I am a deer bow/shotgun/handgun hunter myself. With a dash of treerat/bunny/pheasant/turkey hunter for a bit of spice. I prefer bow hunting deer myself. One reason is the lengthy season for bow hunting. It opens Oct 1st and runs til Jan 10th, with the exception of the 3 week shotgun/handgun season that starts the first weekend in Dec.
    I hope this helps.
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