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Discussion in 'H&K' started by Jaison, May 21, 2020.

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    Stopped by a LGS last weekend to get rid of some cabin fever. Had no intention of buying much other than a box of ammo or some cleaner, just as a thank you for letting us idiots hang around and commiserate.

    As I was getting set to leave, one of the owners says to hold up. He had forgotten to show me a pistol someone had brought in as trade earlier. Turns out it was an HK VP9.

    Now, I don't 'need' anymore pistols, but that gun looked at me and started wagging its tail. I told the owner I don't have the spare cash right now, but he just smiled and asked what I had to trade.There was a pistol that was up for horse trading with, so it got mentioned and he agreed. With an additional $175, the VP9 could have a new home.

    So, in short order, the trade was made and I have an almost brand new HK VP9 with an extra mag thrown in. Cool thing is, the original owner had just bought it a few days before, but returned it to get a 10mm Glock (long, boring story). He paid for the depreciation and yours truly got a quality firearm for the same price as I paid for the trade in, plus a little more-- essentially, a VP9 for $175.

    Now, time to get a Talon grip for it and run it through the firearms combine.

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    Up to those HKs again Jaison!

    A talon grip?! Blasphemy. Nothing you gotta do to those VPs but change the grip straps to your fitting
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    Yah, really liked the HK45, but the thing was a beast. Plus, some other poor soul wanted it a lot more than I did. LOL

    Thought the same about Talons before putting them on a Glock 48. Made a huge difference. Guess the grips on the M&P 2.0s have spoiled me a little.
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    I was in love with the HK45 for a long time but then an LGS had a P227 that leaped right into my hand for some reason, and fit my hand a lot better than the HK did.
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    Maybe I got these German hands but HKs always fit me perfectly