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Hey NC:

Dillons are great but be careful. I had a "Dillon Square Deal" press that I used for reloading 45ACP. I had the enlightening experience of setting off a full tube of large pistol primers. It wasn't a defect in the press but my fault. I had a primer that seemed to seat hard. Instead of stopping at that point and checking out what was wrong, I figured I'd give it (handle) another shove. Wrong answer! I crushed that primer, it went off and started a chain reaction. Luckily the Dillons are built tough. The tube held and the primers ended up imbedded in my ceiling! There was a small burn mark on my powder hopper (it was half full of BullsEye powder). After my wife stopped yelling about "scaring the sh*#" out of her, I called Dillon and explained what I did. The next week I received replacement parts from Dillon at no charge! After using these type presses for a while you will develop a "feel" for how it operates. If you think theres something wrong, stop and check it out! Another common problem is double charges. Depending on what caliber your reloading check out the filled cases before you seat the bullet. some calibers (like the 45 ACP) are much easier to spot a double charge. One trick I discovered was to tape a small inspection mirror (adjustable head) to the press and angle it so that I could see inside the case without constantly leaning forward. I would also check your powder charges with a scale every twenty rounds or so. Better to be safe than sorry.
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