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Joe and Cassy here from central Florida. We are new to the forums and looking for like-minded enthusiasts. We are fairly new to the collection of vintage firearms and have got into it recently since we received several firearms when Joe's dad passed away. I've posted one of them in the General Firearms forum.. and we are having a difficult time getting information on it from our current firearms friends, it is a 1912 Parker Bros. Some of the others we inherited are (according to other firearms friends); .22 Stevens crackshot model 1915, Krag Jorgenson (bolt rifle) 1902 military issue but "sporterized", Savage 4c bolt action (don't know much about the one we have as we can't find an sn), and there are a couple of others that I don't have the info on at the moment. We are just looking to learn and see what we have. We may be interested in selling.. just not sure at this time. Thanks, everyone for the opportunity to join in on your conversations.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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