New to the forum and I had a question reguarding PU scopes

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by CMCrumbley, Apr 29, 2008.

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    First a formost I wanted to say that I am new to the fourm and I wanted to sey hello to all. My question is do any of you know of a reproduction of a PU scope that can be puchesed? I am playing around with a Mosin Nagant that was given to me and I wanted to put a PU scope on it but my wife won't let me spend $200+ on a rifle scope. Aparently a reproduction was made after the relese of the movie Enamy at the Gates but is no longer being produced.
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    I don't know about the scope but wanted to welcome you to the site. I know from asking questions of the other members that someone will be able to help you. Once again welcome aboard.

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    I think I've seen some of those on Ebay.

    ^_^ Ebay has everything. Except guns. :tragedy:
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    200 hundred bucks isnt what they are going for now jut looked one up on e bay and its 299 buy it now price..all the old type russian scopes were 2x scopes and of fairly poor quality compared to today tech unless your just wanting to restore it I would look for a more modern scope .. Is the rifle a ex sniper?
    BTW welcome to G&G
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    3.5X, Post and Crosshair, correct or?
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    I dunno steve I am not qualified to speak on old scopes but the ones I have seen were very poor quallity by todays standards .. some had post some didnt , at least two were only 2x power I couldnt even tell that there was much magnifacation just cross hairs on both no post.. like I said I default to anyone that has knowlege on scopes ..I just am not much interested in them :)
  7. SwedeSteve

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    I am a little. Optics were just coming into their own by then, and from a historical viewpoint, it bears reading!
  8. Contact Enfield Trader, maybe he'll give up the name of his supplier.
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Have you looked at a PE mount?
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    Here is a guy selling the items which you seek

    His scopes keep the reticule centered unlike a real PU scope which you have to adjust but filing or shimming the pads on the mount itself.
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    Welcome to G&G Sorry I can't answer your question about the scope. Enjoy the site.
  12. been keeping an eye on his stuff for a while now. just can't bring myself to pay four times the price of my rifles for his setup. one thing's for sure though. he does have the full monty. pe/pem, pu caps, covers. one stop shopping! he can hook a guy up with mounts with different spacing if yours isn't the standard 55.5mm as well.:beerchug: