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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by graybeard, Feb 17, 2020.

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    the other problem they have is they cut their throat by holding the barrel in their hand and use a pipe machine to spin the tool,, jacketed bullets get down it okay.

    any how welcome to the place.
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  2. graybeard

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    Already then! Thank ya'll for the great welcome. I know I am amongst good people here.
    Can't wait to start conversing with everyone.
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  3. blue fox

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    Somewhere in the stories written by tired Old Man (aka Gary Ott) I seem to remember him doing something like mounting a long gun to a chair. Or at least a scabbard for one.
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  4. graybeard

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    Thanks Blue Fox....there seems to be some ideas on doing this, but I havn't looked into yet. If its doable, then FUN just got kicked up a level!
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  5. blue fox

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    If you or your friends have some decent Shade Tree Engineering skills I don't see why some type of clamp set up holding an AR pistol or a shorty AR wouldn't work. Might draw some looks at the range and ideas for others. Anyway good luck with the idea.
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    Welcome aboard.
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  7. graybeard

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    Thanks Blue Fox.
    Appreciate the idea.
    Thinking this site will be an excellent way for learning.
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    Welcome from the Frozen Tundra in Wisconsin.
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    Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm from New York, I will be glad to talk!
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