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  1. Ok here goes, i live out here in Phoenix i moved from Los Angeles, and never hunted nor killed anything larger than a bug on my windshield, any way i'm thinking now would be a good time to learn to hunt as i'm still young (21) and figured varmint hunting would be easy enough here in Az, well how do i get started, the only rifle i have that would be suitible would be my SAR1 in 7.62x39 as far as power goes in my rifles it only goes up from there.
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    Well first I hope Phoenix is agreeing with you, and you are never to young or old to learn to hunt. I welcome you to the sport and I will try to help you with your question. You can hunt varmints with just about anything the most common calibers are 22lr, 223rem and the 308win. You need to look at what range you will hunt and the size varmints you want to shoot. The smaller the target the more accurate your rifle needs to be, and the most important thing is no matter what you hunt from mouse to moose you want to make humane kills...The 7.62x39 will work on varmints if the rifle is capable of the accuracy needed for the job at hand,and that is something you will need to determine. I hope this helps or if I can confuse you further let me know...:assult:

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    I would look at a centerfire .22 for prairie dogs (.22-250). .243 or higher for coyote.
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    OOOpssss!!!! Forgot one thing. Always a revolver with shot shells for the rattlesnakes!!
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    Mikes right don't forget about the snakes(they are good eatin)
    I would recomend you budy up with some locals that hunt yotes thay are your best sorce of info. most love to brag and teach at the same time remember half of what you hear and most of what you see and you'll be just fine. a good all around rifle for dogs and yotes is the 270 ( 100grn for dogs and 130grn for yotes, the 130grn is also good for deer) Try a savage they are the most accurate right out of the box and won't break the bank.
    a modle 111G with a 3x9 (package gun) should run about $350 to $400.
    Good luck and happy shootin.