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new toy

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by toolman, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    well guys,the bug bit me again as i was driving through north carolina.the truck made a few strange turns (all by itself,honest!) and i found myself at the doorstep of inter ordnance. $90.00 later,i find myself to be the proud and very happy owner of a sako built m-39 in very nice condition.i knew the barrels and sights were different from the other m/n's but nobody told me about the other goodies like the target crown , fully free-floated barrel,screw adjustable front sight, and modified trigger system.this gun doesn't appear to have been fired since it was rebuilt,and it has one ding in the stock on the left side towards the rear of the action.can't wait to hit the range tomorrow to see how it shoots,am expecting great results.this may be better than sex!
  2. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

    Congratulations, Toolman....It's a girl...?
    Curious how we bring home new rifles that weight bout the same as our newborn children......our wives scream during the delivery of both.....and we love them all.
    Have a great day at the range, and let us know how she shoots!