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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by colt45, Aug 25, 2002.

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    hay we don't have a forum for these yet but I just tried out my new savage 17 cal rim fire. shot a 3/8" group at 100yrds and a 3/4" at 200yrds.
    just got back in from the field and got 4 woodchucks one at 158yrds I couldn't belive that that little 17 cal necked down 22mag. would drop a chuck at over a hundred yrds.
    I just had to tell someone who would see the light in this.
    the wife just don't seem to get it.
  2. Impressive, indeed.

    I never would've thought they had that kind of power and accurate range either.

    Somehow when I thought of the .17 I thought of an air gun ammo in a little more power, but not that much.

    Great info.

  3. Calvin

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    I am waiting for Taurus to release their new Tracker in .17 HRM. Looks like a great plinker to me......
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    So far we have gotten a Ruger, Savage, walter, kimber(took forever), and a marlin in the 17 rim fire. all have done very well according to the customers that bought them. so I had to try it and being the cheap skate that I am, I opted for the savage bolt action in synthetic stock for only $157.99 (thats what we sell them for not our cost) but close.
    I'm impressed it preforms like a 222 mixed with a 22mag. I like it!!
    The 22mag just got retired to the gun cabnit till coyote season.
    Taurus and savage(in the stevens favorite style) are comeing out with new 17's and winchester and remington are reporting they will also have some out by Nov. 02.
    The 17 rim by last accounts that we read at the gun shop has the 17 at 2500 to 2620 fps depending on the gun it was tested in and I can tell you that there is only 1/4 " drop from 100 yrds to 150 yrds and still hamered that chuck like a 22mag at 50yrds.