New Trigger Came yesterday.

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    It is a standard Shlien trigger for the Remington 700 and other Remington fire arms.

    They are a simple change out for the standard Remington trigger pre when ever the change was made After the 60 minute night mare that has some people all in a panic.

    Any way this is a Remington 700 700 # 1 custom rifle in 300 Winchester Magnum Mag Na Ported and has been around the world.

    Kare discovered it in Wiliams gun sight store about 1995 when I went in to buy reloading supplys.
    We always looked at the used guns for sale and have bought a goodly number of them.

    I my self would not pay the price asked for the rifle when we first seen it and did not consider it practical for Michigan deer hunting. How ever after a couple years of looking and knowing the owners son I was told to make offer at year 2.5.
    I was shocked when I cut thre price in half and offered that money And said no sales tax either. Ted excepted the offer shocking me, ted told me a little of what he knew, ther rifle on its first trip baged a cape bufflo, a trip to alask scored a beautiful cimmimon bear, a trip to the rockys added a goat to the homes Mounted critters.

    But the owner decided a new Dakota 375 should replace it.
    So it was being sold. Bought by my Kare.



    Note the dark trigger shoe, So am not sure what gettting replaced is a stock Remington 700 trigger.





    First year I owned it I loaded 165gr serria HPBT game king bullets over a charge of IMR 4350. I do not remember the FPS nor Eneiger Specs off thr top of my head.
    I got a 6 point Across a cran berrry bog that year 432 yards with early Bushnell range finder. Bang flop. Second year I harvested a 8 point at 396 yards bushnell range finder bag flop.

    That was the last time I took it to the UP got to much flack about my toddy rifle crap and some thing being wrong with the trigger. I plan on posting pictures as I change out the trigger.

    You all do the normal Remington trigger crap but this is the only one of a half dozen I have had a problem with and not sure it is even a Remington trigger.

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    Glad you found a solution. Keep tinkering, I think it’s good for you.

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    Nice rifle! What a great history that came with it! Take your time on the trigger exchange and keep us posted with the project.
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    If you take it to the range...pull the trigger on the first round and the magazine falls tinkered too much.
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