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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by RSC1, May 23, 2008.

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    I'm considering the purchase of a Springfield Armory 1911 A1. Looks new but is about 8-10 years old. I don't have or now much about a .45. I have a Bretta M9, Bursa Thunder .380, Kel-Tec P-3AT and a couple .38's. :feedback: on the 1911.

    Thanks, RSC1
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    im in the market for a springfield 1911a1 aswell, whats the one your lookin at going for?, miday USA has 45acp for $24.99 for 50 rnds of cci blazer.

  3. Have it examined . . .

    . . . by a good gunsmith who will look for abnormal wear patters, worn
    rifling, and so on thus giving you a better knowledge about the
    true condition of the gun. Also, he can advise you on the price versus the condition of the gun.

    Overall, Springfield is a high quality manufacturer.
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    ^ that sounds like good deal to me! one im lookin at is $499 new so half price for used seems like a deal!
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    Can't go wrong with a Springer, especially for that price! Lifetime warranty too, no matter who owns it. If it breaks, they'll fix it. So I've heard anyway. They're supposed to have top shelf customer service. Call 'em up with the serial number, and they'll tell ya all about it.
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    Thanks for all you imput. I put 50 rounds through the gun today without a hitch. The original mag holds 7 rounds; however, after loading the first 7, I could only get 6 rounds in the mag. What's that all about? I bought an 8 round mag that worked OK.