New vs. old

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  1. Went to the range today with one of my Vz24's. Shooting next to me was a guy with a new stainless .270 with a scope that looked like it belonged in a solar observatory and not on a rifle.
    He was shooting with the sandbag rests and had all the nice fancy hi-tech goodies. I just propped my elbows on the table, sat out about 50 rounds in stripper clips and proceeded to shoot.
    This guy was really starting to make me nervous because everytime I looked over at him, he was staring at me---kinda like a mean glare.
    At cease fire he would walk over at look at my gun and not say anything.
    He stopped shooting at the same time I did and as we went to get our targets I could see he hadnt hit the center of the target once. (100 yards)
    He finally asked me what the heck I was shooting and I told him it was an 8mm and it was made in 1938.
    Then he asked what ammo I was using and where I got it. I told him it was Turkish surplus from 1942.
    The last string of shots I put 9 holes in the center square at 100 yards.
    Pretty neat feeling outshooting some guy that thinks he has the best rifle on the range with an old mauser and milsurp ammo. Total cost of rifle and ammo was about $65.
    OK. I'm done patting myself on the back. Gonna go to bed tonight with a smile on my face though.
  2. Right on, bro. Right on.

    The older guns, in my opinion, are so much more fun to shoot. It's the gun....the history (or, actually, NOT knowing it's history)......the strange feel of phenominal power it has that makes them so much fun to shoot.

    It's amazing that most shooters out there have no idea what great and neat older guns exist.

    I noticed, too, when I go to Ben Avery, I will always, without fail, have someone come over and ask what I'm shooting and, for the most part, aren't being nosey but just curious.

    Not too long ago I had a guy, who was shooting a beefed up AR15, make the comment during the break (referrencing bolt versus semi) what fire power he could throw out. I looked at him and said (something to the effect) "That's nice. I only need one shot". Needless to say he minded his business for the rest of the time.

    I'm sure sharing the experience with them will cause some to go out and experience, for themselves, the magnificance of the older bolt actions.

  3. Two years ago at the range, took the 1915, 7mm military Chilean Mauser with 7 1/2 # trigger pull. Shot milsurp ammo and it was very inconsistant. Got home, pulled some bullets, bullets weighed +/- 5 grns. Powder charges at 37.5 grains each. Ok. Relaoded 20 or so with 140 grain sp and the same 37.5 gr of powder.
    Next time at the range with the 7mm Chiliean again with the new hand loads. Next to me was this big ol bubba 300 pounder and his hefty side kick, good ol boys. They were sighting in a new 300 Win Mag. Made small talk(about muzzle blast) at the 100 yard range. At ( before) cease-fire we moved to the 200 yard range.
    Didn't pay any attention to the guys and the 300 win mag, concentrated on my shots istead. Fired 5 rounds, s l o w fire. Glassed the target, Danm!!! little high and to the left, 4 of 5 in a could be touched by a Quarter and 1 flyer. Proud of myself, I motioned to the big ol boys to check-out my target. He looked. He raised his head from the spotting scope and his face was bright kick-your-azz red. His buddy looked too. Wondering what the problem was, I then, glassed their target. Holy Cow! Holes every where. They appreciated seeing what a ninety year-old rifle can do, so they shot my target.