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Discussion in '1911' started by revolver22, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I was hopping maybe someone in here could help me find a very special revolver for my husband who just lost hie dad on the 14. My husbands 40Th is this month the first pistol my husband learned to shoot was a ROSSI 38 SPECIAL that was his dads. This gun was stolen some years ago. If there is any one that can help me find 1 like this please let me know. I have more specs on it if u may have an idea where 1 may be.
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    Here on the Rossi website you can see whats available.
    Rossi USA
    Here you can find a local dealer to help you where you live.
    Rossi USA
    Sorry for his loss, hope this helps you.......Tony

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    Perhaps a moderator can move this from the 1911 forum to the Rossi forum???