New York Police Warn Against Jewish Vigilante Patrols

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    I can smell the law suits starting on this one....Hope NYC has lots of $$$$ cause if they try to stop this they will find the city in court overnight.

    New York Police Warn Against Jewish Vigilante Patrols
    June 10, 2002 - Agence France-Presse
    NEW YORK, June 10 (AFP) - New York police Monday warned Jewish activists here that they risked arrest if they went ahead with plans to set up armed patrols to guard against possible terrorist attacks.

    The conservative Jewish Defence Group (JDG) had announced at the weekend the creation of 50-strong armed patrols in the Borough Park and Flatbush areas of Brooklyn, which have large Jewish communities.

    JDG founder and president, Rabbi Yakov Lloyd, said the move was a response to recent news reports that terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 had originally targetted both neighbourhoods.

    Lloyd said the night-time patrols would start operating from June 16, but the New York police department warned that the initiative could be illegal.

    "If these individuals go on the streets with firearms they will be arrested, " said police spokesman Mike Wysokowski.

    While US gun laws allow widespread gun ownership, there are severe restrictions in New York state on carrying concealed, loaded weapons in public.

    However, Lloyd said the patrols would keep inside the law by ensuring that those members with gun licenses carried shotguns in locked cases. Other members of the patrol would be armed with baseball bats.

    He also cited the precedent of similar patrols that operated in New York after the murder of a Jewish student in the late 1980s and a series of arson attacks on synagogues in the mid-1990s.

    Lloyd, an ordained orthodox rabbi, founded the JDG in 1985 "to combat anti-Semitism and defend Jews."

    A founding principle of the group is that Jews "owe no apologies for our existence, that the world owes us more than it can ever repay, though we ask nothing of it but the right to live as free people."

    The threat against the Jewish community here was revealed in a recent interview given to a US television network by Abdul Rahman Yasmin, who is wanted by the FBI in connection with the 1993 World Trade center bombing.

    Yasin, currently in Iraq, said he and his accomplices had originally planned to attack Jewish neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

    Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2002 Agence France-Presse. All rights reserved.
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    Makes me wonder if the terrorist is spreading false information in order to create just this sort of trouble. Even in custody, they can still spread fear and terror. UBL is laughing in his grave somewhere. (I personally think he's a grease spot in a cave-in somewhere.)

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    the JDG is reacting to the threat like their european cousins should have done in the 1930's. self preservation is a fundemental right. as far as NYCPD goes the honchos don't like to admit they cannot be every where and that the citizen should exercise his choice of not to be the victim.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Man getting hit in the head with a Manorah would hurt!!!
  5. Fred Vetter

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    They aren't worried about the NYPD,they controll NYC.
  6. Shaun

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    Well if they control NYC then they will need to change the gun laws -- so they don't hinder the efforts of legal CCW holders
  7. Fred Vetter

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    Take a little time,look around, you may be suprised just what,and
    who they controll.
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    Nothing will be done to them save alittle hand slap or two.
    They own the head of the state police in NY and every polition in NYC what could hapen to them. and what lawyer would take a case against them 90% of the lawyers in NYC are jewish and at least 80% of the judges are.
    They control all of NYC and most of albany. might as well rename the state NEWYORKENBURGE or something.
    I have nothing against them I'm just not blind like most NYers.
  9. Jeffro

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    "Paranoia strikes deep...... into your life it will creep........ " Sounds like a little bit of paranoia here on the old forum..........
    (excuse me, did I say a LITTLE bit of paranoia?????
  10. Rave

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    The jews will pretty much do what they want and when they want to do it because they have three things going for them,
    b.anti-semite card
    If we ever got our stuff together we could do the same thing.
    Problem is we don't own the media,and who can we blame for that?We are our own worst enemy.:fuss: :confused: :confused:
  11. Jeffro

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    "Paranoia strikes deep...... into your life it will creep........ " Sounds like a little bit of paranoia here on the old forum..........
    (excuse me, did I say a LITTLE bit of paranoia?????

  12. The cops can only do so much.--The rest is up to the private citizens, but then again it's only my opinion. I don't blame anyone for wanting to protect themselves. If i was a LEO I would want all the help I could get--with in the law of course.
  13. Rave

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    Hope we don't have a riot or two like in L.A. and the law flies the coop.I will tell you that if anyone will stay and fight it will be the organized Jews,they have what it takes and they take crap from nobody.
    Sorry Jeffro,sounds like you took my posting out of context,no disrespect meant,quite the opposite,but I have noticed you can jump the gun and get a bit defensive,but that's OK! We all have our moments.:cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. Jeffro

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    It may be your perception that I "jump the gun", but that implies that I wrote before I thought out your posting, which was not the case. I just don't happen to agree with you. If you feel that makes me defensive, so be it. I don't feel that my disagreeing with you implies that I "have my moments", as that tends to trivialize my opinion and elevate yours.
  15. Rave

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    True,so what is your complaint?You just got through implying that everyone who might not be of the same opinion as you is suffering from paranoia,therefore I feel my posting is warranted.
    I say MIGHT not be of the same opinion as you because we don't know what your opinion is.You claim we are all paranoid,prey tell us why.
    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. Jeffro

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    I believe that if you go back and read my postings, you will not find ANY inference that ALL of the folks on the site are paranoid. Just all this talk about "Anti-semite cards" and "Jews running and owning New York", etc. is a little outlandish and off the deep end. And reference to Jews not having to worry about the law cause they run the whole system is a little far-fetched............ that is the paranoia to which I refer.
    I am well-aware that I will not change the mind(s) of those who believe this, so it is silly to persue it. Just wanted to point out that fact earlier, and not looking to open up a can of worms with folks who are comfortable with what they believe. I respectfully reserve the right to strongly disagree, but do not really care to attempt to make anyone else concur, nor try to change the beliefs of those who differ.......... likewise, I do not feel the need to go into my beliefs with those who have obviously made up their mind about a given situation......... end of thread for ME.......
    Jeffro (Jeff)
  17. Dennis

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    The one thing about the Jews that I dislike is the fact that they want to be seperate from the rest of us.
    This is an AMERICAN problem not a jewish one.
    Useing a firearm to protect your self is not just a jewish Idea
    Patroling The streets goes on in almost every neighborhood in the United States.
    It's called neighborhood watch.
    Been around for years.
    I dislike the fact that they feel that the world owes them, yet they just want to live in peace.
    We dont owe the jews anything special
    they are Americans just like the rest of us.
    I wish they would quite wineing
    If you take away their jewishness what have you got?
    Just A plain ol American.
    I like being lust a plain ol American
    When you think about how many millions of people that leave their homes and familys,travel thousands of miles endure incredible hardships just to have the chance to become a plain ol American...............
    Being a plain ol American is actually pretty cool.
    If you feel the need to be special go buy a Corvett or something like that.
    To claim you are special because of something that you have no control over (Who your Parents are) is Racist.
  18. Dennis I do not agree. We are probably their last greatest allied nation on this planet. They don't think the world owe's them anything. They just want what is rightfully theirs. This land for peace talk is BS . The Palestinians are basically a lazy people. They would rather take someone else's prosperity than earn it themselves. You don't believe me-- ask the Arabs. Personal opinion Israel is doing the right thing. One day Israel will own all of it's Promised Land.
    PS-- the Palestinians have mooched of of the Arabs for a very long time.
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  19. Klaus

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    Jews do make up a very large voting block in NYC, from what I gather. However, they usually vote straight DEMOCRAT. I will never understand this.
  20. Rave

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    jeffro,now I see where you are coming from,I suspected,but you wouldn't say.So not all of us are paranoid,only the ones that don't agree with you,yup.
    I said I respect the Isralies and I do,**** gutsey.:nod: :nod: :nod: :cool: