New Yugo 59/66 variant ?

Discussion in 'SKS' started by gsbuickman, Jan 12, 2017.

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    another great video from Tim at the Military Arms channel, thanks Tim much appreciated ;) .

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    You certainly have a penchant for the eclectic firearms, don't you?
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  3. gsbuickman

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    Why Yes I do ;)
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    That blue grease looks suspiciously like hydraulic fluid for ultra-low temp conditions. Wonder if the Serbs have the same attitude to the interchangeability of virtually any type of oil and hydraulic fluid that union heavy equipment operators do?
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    I have a funny story on my Yugo SKS. I tried to order one from SAMCO. First they said the never received my C&R. At the time they did not accept emailed scanned copies. Anyways I sent them a second one. They lost that one too. So I told them to cancel the order, I was sick of them messing it up. I turned around and ordered one from J&G Sales instead. I ordered one in VG condition. When I got it, there was not a mark on that stock. There were no wear bars on the disassembly knobs. The dang thing looked totally unissued to me. Now since they sold unissued ones (Which I did NOT pay extra for) I think they either screwed up and sent me an unissued one, or they ran out of ones rated VG, and sent me an unissued one rather than have to tell me they were out. Anyways that SKS is danged accurate.
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    That's pretty kool Ganny, Edmark that one up as a bonus and roll with it. I looked at a Yugo 59 / 66 here locally but I ended up passing on it. it turns out that Tweedledee hat 5" of the barrel hacked off to delete the grenade launcher. Then the barrel was turned down, recrowned & the factory front sight was pinned back on. Now it actually looks pretty good but the barrel is still 5" shorter and she wonders why no one around here is interested in it.
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  7. gandog56

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    They remove the grenade launcher you can no longer unfold the bayonet, the little thing it latches onto to stay open would no longer be there. Did she remove the bayonet too?
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  8. gsbuickman

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    Yeah, when he had the barrel bubbafied & shortened 5" to eliminate the grenade launcher he also eliminated the bayonet as well. Even though I like the SKS it does best at 250 yards or less. With 1/3 of the Barrel being gone after the bubba job, I'm guessing that ballistically it's not much better than a Mini 30 now & not much more than a 100 yard shooter so I passed on it as well.
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    I just took the time to look down the barrel for the rifling to check something. If I see it right the rifling even goes down through that "extension" up to where the grenade launcher is. If that's the case, then that shortening of the barrel would have cut off some of the rifling as well. Might cause the the MOA to widen a little. Of course, I'm no expert and I just go off what I see and can assume.
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