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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rhondayolanda, May 13, 2008.

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    :feedback: Anyone know anything about Sovereign rifles? Found one at the uncles and can't find any info on it. .22 stainless
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    Welcome to G&G. Sorry that I can't answer your question but I'm sure someone here will.

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    Welcome ! If someone doesn't answer your question here, consider going up to the general firearms and rifles section of the site.

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    Thankyou! Some more info, seem's it was made by Tanfoglio markings are d'armi and I believe ps's50. It is silver in color not sure if it is stainless or chrome.

    Again thanks!
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  7. I dont know the anwser to your queston but welcome there are some realy nice people here!
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    Ya got my curiousity up, so I'll do some diggin'. Post a picture, and it'll help. By the way, welcome to G&G! The folks here love mysteries. And go the the firearms forum, and post it. Someone there may have the answer.
  10. I like the rest know noffing about the rifle. I'm sure someone here will. My guess, it'll be mooseman. lol

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    This is what I have found after finding a advert for the gun in the Unc's papers. PPS/50 22LR Pietta Italy. PPS/50 22LR,Pietta Italy, Deluxe Nickel and Walnut Stock. Nikel Drum, Wood-100% No cracks or splits,original varnish, Nickel-100% Nice,brite, no peeling, Bore and action excellent, Butt original. In box never used! Seems that Sovereign was an importer of these and other guns.