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    So I finally got a chance to shoot my reloads. I really liked them. I reloaded 18 rounds of 30-06 with 150gr hornady sp and 51.5gr of h414 with a COL of 3.125. I kinda like the lighter load it makes my shoulder feel better and here in NW Missouri you don't have to shoot alot of long shots. The only problem I had was sometimes the bolt was hard to shut and I noticed some blow back around the mouth of the cartridge. The brass I am using is some stuff my grandpa had in ammo boxes so I have no idea how many times they have been shot. So I came home and measured them against some once shot federal sp. the reloaded brass measured 2.478 and the feds were 2.487. My question is what did I do wrong?

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  2. One thing I see is a very light load. Hodgdon list 54.0gr as the starting load with a 150gr Nosler BT @ 40,500CUP. Your load is well below that. That would probably account for the carbon on the neck. As far as the bolt not closing goes, I would need a little more info. Did you full length size it? If not, was it fireformed in that rifle? If not, then it probably didn't fit the chamber that good. Did you measure the web of a case to see if it;s within spec? Measure the case to see if it's within spec.

    Google Image Result for

    The cases were probably trimmed.
    I'm not wild about the OAL length either. Is that what your manual recommends for that bullet? Try seating the bullet out(in an empty case), so it touches the rifling, then load a round with the bullet .015-.025"(shorter) from the rifling.
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  3. "...what did I do wrong? "

    Not much.

    A low pressure load won't seal the case to the chamber as well as a high pressure load will and that allows some slight blow-back down the cases. It doesn't really matter.

    Your difficulty chambering is almost certainly that you didn't set the case shoulders back quite far enough. Turn your sizer down another 1/8 turn (about 9 thou) or less and operate the press lever consistantly to get more consistant sizing.

    Since you are using cases that have been reloaded unknown times you need to check the case lenghts. That's best done with a dial or digital 6" caliper (get an inexpensive one from MidwayUSA on sale). Or, if you're on a tight budget, just get a set of Lee's inexpensive case trimming tools and trim all of your cases to a safe and consistant length.
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    way too low of pressure, do not go below book minimum. also as a side note H414 is a little temp sensitive, and when it gets cold out, a standard primer wont always light it off very well. i recommend using a magnum primer, and at least getting your load up to minimum. your reloading manual is your friend.
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    Here is what I'm reloading with.Lee Classic Loader 30-06 Springfield - MidwayUSA
    I used the load data that came with it except the COL I didn't realize it had it on what came with the loader. I just used the first powder I could find that worked with a 150 gr. Also I checked the overall length of the empty and it was 2.477 and they are all within a couple thou of that length. I used a digital caliper from the auto parts store that I work.

    One thing that concerns me about the cartridge is the only markings on the bottom is stw nowhere does it say 30-06.

    What would you guys recommend for a good load for a 30-06 that is light on the shoulder but accurate?
  6. The load data that comes with those Lee Classic Loaders is really light. (I own 3 of them.) I mostly use Hodgdons website for load data.
  7. Ok You'll need to either get someone to full length size your brass, or use factory ammo. The Lee Loader doesn't full length size. It neck-sizes only. The brass needs to be fireformed to fit your rifle before you load with the Loader. Also, get a scale, a manual, and read it. A trickler would come in handy too, but you can dribble with the scoop.

    The Lee Loader: Thinking Out of the Box
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    I have a scale and I read the abc's of reloading its been a while maybe I should read it again. I have some once shot stuff that I bought a while back. I think I have some other brass at my parents place that has only been shot once. Ill switch to it. Also Ill up my load to what hodgdon's has. I may have someone look at the other stuff I was using and see if they can figure it out.
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    You will have to get the cases full length resized and make sure none are over 2.495 after resizing.Powder blowing down the outside of the case does make a difference.That powder/gasses is at 5K to 7K degrees and will melt/burn/eat into your chamber after time.You should have little to no carbon on outside of case.Also,if those cases are old and you don't know how many times they were fired,you don't know how work hardened the neck/shoulder is.If they are brittle/hard,they won't expand properly to seal the gasses.
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    scott, if you want a nice plinking load try 15.5 grs of trailboss and a 110 gr horandy rnfmj for a 150 i shoot43.0grs of varget. take your time , read alot, ask questions.
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    Great advice from all !! Thanks for the info guys !!
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    Thanks for all the advice guys. Ill do a little tweeking on my load see if I can get something better.
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    "WERE WATCHING YOU",and very best of luck.
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    Try some of the cases you already shot in your rifle, they should be fire formed now. Run them through the sizer and measure the length. Lee Loaders can make some very good shooting ammo and are good learning tools; now you're learning about case sizing :yup: . I too recommend a scale to check the loads because even though the Lee scoops can be pretty accurate and repeatable, they usually throw light loads.
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    It don't work that way.If they didn't work without forcing them before they still won't fit.Even if you can force them in the chamber you wear the locks on the bolt/chamber and they will extract hard wearing even more metal.Believe me,if they have any resistance chambering,FLR,ing is the smart thing to do.
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    Did you check to see if the brass needed trimming , before you loaded it ?

    Did you lube the inside of the mouth of the brass , when you resized it ( in addition to the outside of the brass ) ?

    I do not know about that powder , I load 4895 . But that sounds like a whale of a lot of powder ?

    God bless
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    It is absolutely unnecessary to lube the inside of the neck on a case.Just run the same size cleaning brush in that you are loading.But if you lube the inside,(some do) be sure and use a dry lube.(graphite). Hodgdon gives a "MINIMUM" of 54gr,s of H414 for40,500 CUP and a "MAXIMUM" of 60gr,s for 48,600 CUP.I think someone already pionted out that 51gr of H414 was anemic.Max on H4895 is 51gr. By the way,H414 is an excelent powder in an ,06,especially with bullets 165gr and under.The spherical powder works good in a dispenser.
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    I use the Lee case lube , it is not necessary to remove the lube from the inside of the case , just let it dry .

    Now , this is what has happened to me with .30-06 .

    I lubed the outside of the brass and used a FL sizing die . No lube on the inside of the case mouth .

    When the case is withdrawn from the FL die , the " button" on the end of the de-priming stem expands to mouth& neck of the case to properly hold the bullet .

    But without some lube , the high friction of doing this caused the " button " to pull / stretch the brass forward . The result was the case was too long ( maybe ) . Also and probably more important , the shape and angle of the shoulder ( the bottle neck ) was changed , it no longer matched the chamber .

    This made the loaded ammo hard to close the bolt on . When the trigger was pulled and the rifle fired , the case fire formed to the chamber . The case extracted fine .

    Started lubing the inside of the case mouth ( which the Lyman book advised and I had ignored ) and the problem went away .

    Believe it or not , up to you .

    As far as the powder charge of H41 4 , as I said , I do not use it . So , I am sure you are correct .

    I am way to cheap to burn that much powder . So I will stick with government surplus 4895 .

    God bless