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Newly scoped SKS

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About a week ago I bought a replacement receiver/scope mount and a 4 X 25 (Chinese made cheapo) compact scope for my SKS.

As I put in another post the cover took no milling at all and was/is very tight after installed.

My wife and I went to Ben Avery Range today and one of the things I did was sight in the scope.

The first five rounds couldn't be found at 50 yards. I had no idea where they went. So, I picked out a rock on the burm behind the 100 yard range and brought the scope in close to that. I was on a large target at 50 yards.

After about another 50 or so rounds I finally brought the scope in the best I could.

I'm going to post two at fifty yards first and then one at 100 yards.

Sorry, it said the scanned pics were too dang large.......dang it!

Oh well....yepper.

The shots are not becoming of a sniper, fer sure, but for these tired old eyes it's not bad. Especially since, at 100 yards the center of the reticle covers up a good share of the center of the target.....sorta like having dot scope.

But, the main reason I am posting these is to let anyone who might be doubtful of the replacement receiver/scope mount keeping tight and letting the scope stay zeroed...put your fears to rest.

The first target I fired 15 rounds and I have no idea where the fifteenth went to unless my wife miscounted the rounds. The shot at 9 o'clock is a double tap...ever so slightly....almost put one through another hole to the point of not being able to detect it.

The second target I fired ten rounds and one round was a flyer, just slightly off the target.

Plus I was using El Cheapo JSC Barnaul ammo.....and the barrel was pretty warm. Perhaps with better ammo and taking my time the shots would have had a better group.

But once again, it's not bad for me....I'm happy.
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The compact is the way to go with the SKS, Doglips. It's too much of a pain to have a full-length scope on it.
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