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    I went shooting yesterday with a guy who has cerebral palsy, and when watching the difficulty with which he operated his rifle, as skillfully as he did, I started to think about what would be required to operate a pistol, which he also does. Then it hit me, that features which could be advantageous to his control of a weapon, such as a vertical foregrip, or some elaborate stock of some sort, would be prohibited by the NFA, which forces rifles, pistols, and shotguns into very narrow categories and anything else is subject to NFA registration. Am I the only person who thinks all this does is inhibit innovation? I think ultimately all gun laws that prohibit certain features or capabilities are inhibiting the advance of technology, which ultimately hurts our military since there is no civilian market in which to introduce new ideas. Think about it, chances are if something's new, someone will buy it. But if people can only make certain guns for the government, the government's short sightedness will prevent many things from being invented.
    Anyone agree?
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    Just keep in mind that most of the civilian firearms we have were derived from military designs. I agree with you in that the NFA does inhibit innovation, but also keep in mind that the government likes to inhibit innovations that allow citizens to better defend themselves against the government that we're supposed to be in control of in the first place......

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    You gentlemen are both correct in my humble opinion.:nod:
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    now will anybody argue that point in the Superior Court ?