NHL Players did NOT kneel during the National Anthem

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by VinceL, Aug 1, 2020 at 10:02 AM.

  1. VinceL

    VinceL G&G Evangelist

    Maybe there is a professional sport that I can watch on TV. The NHL players have not been kneeling for the National Anthem. :usa2: Let's hope this continues.

    Apparently, the snowflakes watching the game at home are kneeling in protest over the players not kneeling.
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  2. runfiverun

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    seein as how 80% of them are from somewhere else they don't understand the whole kneeling thing.
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  3. Rocky7

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  4. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    Never got hooked on hockey, but maybe I should. I've known guys that won't watch anything else. I've never learned the rules for hockey, so I view it like my wife views football (idiots fighting over a weird shaped ball). A lot of crazies chasing a puck around on the ice.:oops:

    Not interested in basketball or anything going on there, but saw a headline where ONE BB player refused to kneel. Was a "teaser" headline so didn't give a name.
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  5. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    LOL. It's played at Warp Factor 4; I think that's what makes it hard for some people to watch. Also, like most sports there is higher appreciation for what you see if you have played hockey yourself. However, my dad was a diehard hockey fan and he never laced on skates so that might not be a good theory.

    I like the ethos as much as the game. Hockey players don't take crap and don't kneel. That was more pronounced before the do-gooders cranked down on fighting. Fights were part of the game and should've been left alone. What do you expect? Players moving at high speed carrying hardwood sticks, crashing into each other on purpose and shooting a hard rubber puck at 100mph - you're going to need some way to discourage blindside checking, boarding, high sticks, spearing; stuff like that can end a career and was not tolerated. There's a lesson in there for all of us - don't put up with cheap shots. Not from anyone.
  6. mitchr

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    That's part of what I don't understand. One player creams another & nothing is done about it. Then a player bumps into another & has to sit it out in the penalty box!
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  7. PaleHawkDown

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    Hockey players don't just respect their own national anthems, but also those of their opponents. Hockey is the reason I can sing most of Canada's national anthem.
  8. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Give a bunch of guys sticks and knives on their feet what do ya expect? :D I went to a hockey fight once and a game broke out. Most boring evening of my life. :rolleyes::eek:
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  9. savage12755a

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    Please note that there is a decided lack of ghetto bunnies in the NHL.
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  10. Rocky7

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    You can dump another player a$$ over tea kettle IF it's done by the book. It's like a tackle in football; it can be pretty rough and be within the rules.
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  11. Rocky7

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    Edmonton is Alberta's capital city. I don't like much about Edmonton. The Mayor is a leftie know-it-all. They elect mostly liberal/progressive potato heads; provincially and federal. It's full of bureaucrats and big government fans. However, I have to admit this was a classy move. The microphone quit during a game with an American team. The crowd not only filled in with the American anthem, they took their hats off. Hockey players just don't tolerate rude behaviour and it's that way with the fans, too. It's a very conservative sport.

    ps: The mike was working for TV, but not on the arena sound system.
  12. Jaison

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    If we have one true ally and they us, it would be Canada.
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  13. TXplt

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    Nope. They played that SJW / BLM crap before the penguins game. To include the black panther fist and other wokeness. It was exactly like our political indoctrination classes during resistance training except perhaps this is more multimedia.

    I’m done with it and will not support it or them in any way to include spending my time watching it or their sponsors.

    Racism is racism no matter how cleverly packaged it is.

    Pity in that I kinda liked hockey. Leftists destroy everything they touch.
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  14. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    The feeling is mutual. In fact it was Canadians (many from Alberta) and Americans who combined in WW2 to create the first special forces. The First Special Service Force was hell on wheels. One or both of our governments got scared and disbanded them before the war ended. When the Canadians were trucked away some of the American soldiers ran after the trucks to exhaustion. They were blood brothers.
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  15. VinceL

    VinceL G&G Evangelist

    I had hoped I would be able to watch some hockey this year. That does it.

    Is there any BLMBS going on in professional golf or maybe lacrosse?

    Just imagine the BS we would have seen if they had had the Olympics this year.:mad:
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  16. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    BLM BS is worse than the China Virus. Can't believe it infected hockey, too. :(

    Is nothing sacred?
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  17. quavodus

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    NHL could possibly be the last great American sport. If they can get away from the BLM crap. :usa:
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  18. Big Dog

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    This whole BLMmer/Antifa/SJW BS has gone way too far. It has pretty much destroyed pro sports across the board. Thanks, socialists! :mad:
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  19. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    I don't care for soccer, or hockey. Both are "Chaotic" in a manner, that I don't care to follow.

    Miss V plays soccer, and I would go to her games to support her, and I understand the game more now, but I wouldn't go to one recreationally.
  20. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    Never happen! :(
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