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NIB Browning Buckmark Silhouette info

Discussion in 'Browning' started by Morgan, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Morgan

    Morgan G&G Newbie

    SO I walked into the gunshop today not expecting to find anything I look down in the corner at new guns that just came in and there is a new in box Browning Buckmark Silhoutte for 350. I asked the guy head said it just came in. if its ever been shot I couldnt tell. So after I looked at the other new buckmarks I concluded this probably wasnt a bad deal considering it had the box and all papers with it. Not sure if I should keep it as a collectable or shoot it or maybe just sell it for some extra cash. anybody have anyinfo on these never seen this model before

  2. cjleete

    cjleete G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Collectible? No. Great shooter to take out and enjoy? Yes. Buying modern firearms on speculation is a foolish way to invest your money, if you are looking for an investment.
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  3. Morgan

    Morgan G&G Newbie

    Well thanks for considering me a FOOL! Next time I need 401K advice I'll give you a call

    Let me say I never ussually buy any firearm without researching them first.

    I did know enough however to look over at the new Buckmarks and relize that hey this one is new in the box, and no longer being made and is easly worth the price on the tag. I know it says Browning on it I know alot of people collect Brownings and I know if it has all the paper work on it along with the orginal box. I'm pretty sure it was a sound investment.

    Now my Grandpa back in the day bought a Model twelve a Browning sweet 16 and Marlin 39A by the time he was my age. I'm sure he never ever thought about not firing them but if he woulda never fired them and kept the box what would these be worth? I'm sure back in the day people woulda said he woulda been stupid for keeping the boxes and not firing them but how much more would they be worth today????

    I shoot my guns and I know my guns I only buy preowned guns. But I also have enough common sense not to shoot a gun that has never been shot that is twenty years old.

    Now for calling me a fool I've only seen one on GB its asking price is 600 its used I know its a bit much but I'm thinking I could ask 500-550 and get it easy. Used ones go for 400 range. I could understand a mossberg 500 or 870 savage 110 or somthing of major production like that but this is a lil odd I know others have them but this condition is harder to find. I've got a S&W 22A I use alot why use this one.

    So what would be more foolish Pulling the trigger on it a few times and throwing away $150 bucks when I have other guns that do this job or keeping as is it for trading material or maybe a rainny day.

    Sory if I took this the wrong way but the way you responded calling me a fool wasn't the advice I wanted.
  4. cjleete

    cjleete G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Inferring that I'm calling you a fool is a stretch; if you took it personally, I didn't intend it to be taken that way. If you ask someone for an opinion and they say "that's a dumb idea", do you assume they're calling you a dummy and flame them despite the fact that you asked for their honest opinion?
    I'm sorry I can't give you the positive affirmation that you are seeking.
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