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  1. Well, that'll make ya drool! But at 425, it's just eye candy for me! lol You gonna make that go up on your roll call Swede?

  2. That's a lot of money to me and if I were to spend 425 dollars it would be for something else.
    But don't take me wrong that Remington Mosin would be very nice to own.
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    Too Much...It is not even a Matching rifle, so NAAAH...
  4. A.H., have you got a Mosin yet? If not, let me add to the peer pressure! Just get one, even a beat up run of the mill 60 dollar one! lol
  5. SwedeSteve

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  6. Nice looking rifle. I really want a Westinghouse though. Metal looks good. But someone refinished the wood. If you notice he doesnt show any marks on the wood. I bet they are sanded off. From the pics I cant tell if the metal was refinished or not. Something doesnt seem right to me. He has a hang tag on it and the action zip tied like its been at the gun shows. Im wondering if he bought it and found out it wasnt original and is trying to sell it there instead. Or maybe he found he couldnt sell it at the gun shows because he is asking too much.

    If you notice the Carcano he is selling it is the same thing. Metal is ok but the wood is refinished. Funny how its the exact same color as the Remmington Mosin.

    And the last thing is he said he hasnt cleaned it in ten years. If I was selling any firearm the first thing I would do it clean it.
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  7. SwedeSteve

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    Great observations Cap'n! I wish I could find/afford a US made M91!
  8. Yup Steve you Moose and myself are all wanting one.
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    New York
    I want both a Remington and a Westinghouse, but then I am greedy...
  10. SwedeSteve

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    Now Cyr, wait your turn, LOL!
  11. I posted a poll on the General Rifle Forum. As of right now I have 57 yes and 1 no. The question being Would you clean a rifle before selling it?
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    wow if only it had matching numbers id bid on it...................oh yeah and if i had any money at the moment.........
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