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Nice Rig

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Kmcdowell, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    Im really thinking about doing this. It could be a really comfy set up for overnight overlanding.

    xterra bed.jpg

    Just pack all my gear on top of it during the trip and then store it under the truck or on top of the truck, either way covered by a tarp. anything expensive I can store in the driver/ passenger seats overnight.

    PS this is not my truck but a similar one, I have an 06" avalanche white Nissan Xterra 4x4. pretty awesome truck for Colorado IMO.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    You need to upgrade to a Rooster tail:D Down on the Elk River you use either hook/sinker with corn, or a rooster tail:D When the trout ain't hittin the corn, tie on a rooster tail, They'll grab it every time:D
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  3. Kmcdowell

    Kmcdowell G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Omaha NE
    If I had a Ram with a Cummins, I would forget about the trailer behind me. That might be dangerous. :)
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  4. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Mark I probably caught 5 tons of crappie with those black, red, and yellow Marabou jigs back in my heyday.
  5. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Mine has the Stow&Go seats, folding down under the floor. I use either a singlewide airmatress or a twinsize flocked airmatress. Very comfy. At a campground I can run an extension cord to run a heater or fan.
    Works for me, for short camping and roadtrips.
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  6. The seats made a pretty comfy bed, and there was all kinds of storage underneath. The problem was trying to get dressed. There was no room at all! To add insult to injury, I was doing it while in cast at a local renaissance fair, so it wasn't just a matter of tossing on a shirt and jeans. I had an underdress, corset, petticoats, a hoop skirt, more petticoats, an overskirt and an over dress to get into.
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  7. FN FAL

    FN FAL NOT a new member Forum Contributor

    Anything less is not enough.

    The hot shot type truck drivers/companies you can tell who's been around awhile, they drive a truck with a cummins in it. That eliminates the Fords unless they are one of the bigger 550 or 650's which you could order the cummins in from the factory. Talking to some of the drivers when they have delivered stuff, companies hiring owner/operators if you don't have a Dodge or one of the Fords with the cummins engines in them you are not going to make runs for them. One guy told me when the newer Fords came out his company relented and some of the dodge haters went and bought the new fords. Engine problems, and very poor mileage sent every one of them back to a Dodge cummins. The guy I was talking with was one of them he was used to getting upper teens in mileage hauling a 24K gooseneck trailer, the ford was under 10 miles per gallon. Thats serious savings depending how many miles you drive, and like the guy told me the fuel savings over the ford can make his truck payment most months.
    A friend of my fathers he was always a gm guy and an rv'er with an almost 40ft 5th wheel trailer. His durominimun was but a toy and always being the dodge pessimist so he traded for a ford with the then new 6.4 in it. Their first winter down to south Texas he had engine problems. Several days at the dealership for repairs under warranty and they made it down to Hidalgo. In the spring the trip back had two failures, they got towed to the same dealership in oklahoma twice. Dismal fuel mileage well under 10 mpg. All their snowbird friends with big trailers had Dodge trucks so he sold (or gave it away as by then word was out the 6.4's were utter junk) the Ford and bought a used Dodge cummins to pull the 5th wheel with. ZERO issues even with the automatic transmisson AND averaged mid teens on fuel mileage.

    Yes I don't like the fact that fiat has anything to do with mopar these days. That said I don't think I will ever go buy a new dodge diesel truck so not real worried about that and the cost is so ridiculous it borders the insane.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Now don't ya know crappie like minners:D I've caught all my crappie on minners. I tried usin one of them thar jigs. As soon at my kid moves we're gonna hit the swamp with his boat. I'm hearin thars some good sized bass in there.
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  9. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    My father has a 2014 GMC Denali HD. He has had a few problems with the motor and has commented on how glad he was he bought the extended warranty. Last repair was $4500.00 but didn't cost him a dime.
    Most of the people who stay at the RV park my father stays at you see the Ram the most and the Ford second. Everyone gives my father a hard time for driving the GMC but he's been a die hard GM guy all his life. I must admit that his truck rides really smooth.

    I have a buddy who has the new Ford 6.7L Power Stroke. He has a 40' 5th wheel toy hauler. He has been a Ford guy all his life. Had the 7.3L, 6.0L(2 of them. First one caught fire), 6.4L, and the new one. Up until the new one he bought he liked the 7.3L the best once he built the Transmission. The new one seems to be a powerhouse and gets better mileage than any of his prior trucks. I'm pretty impressed with his new Ford truck. One bad thing with them though is they only offer a 20ish gallon tank in their shortbed Power Stroke. They won't even allow you to special order a larger one. So you have to step up to a long bed, buy an inbed tank, or an aftermarket tank that replaces your factory tank.

    The one thing I don't like about the Ram if you are buying new is they don't offer any other gear choice for single wheel 2500 or 3500 trucks. You are stuck with the 3.41 ratio. They also don't offer the Asisn Seki transmission for the 2500. That would be great if they did but they don't.

    My coworker has the same exact truck as mine and is towing a 40' toy hauler with it. He claims the truck tows it with no problems at all. He is about 4,000lbs over legal weight by using a 2500 and not a 3500. I won't be going that large and honestly I want to find one that a 1/2 ton will be legal to tow incase I decide to step down to one in the future.
  10. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Back when I was younger and tougher I used to start walking the banks and wading the shallow water near the banks at Lake Lewisville or Lake Grapevine in mid to late January. At that time I would fish with minnows. Beginning around the end of Feb. I would switch to the Marabou jigs because they slowed down on the minnows usually as the water started warming up just a few degrees. Those jigs then were very effective until they had spawned and left the shallow water perhaps in early June. I used to get some vicious hits on those jigs from the male crappies fanning the nest and would even get strikes and catch fish on them when all the paint had flaked off of the head and almost all of the yellow feather was gone. Something I did also that helped catch fish was to open that hook up just a few degrees with my little needle nose pliers. The most effective piece of equipment I ever used for catching crappie from the bank, wading, or from a boat later in the year in deeper water was this B&M pole in the 10' length. And yes, 95% of the crappie I've caught were caught vertical jigging with simplistic equipment like this. (boy I guess I derailed that thread)... Carry on lads.
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  11. FN FAL

    FN FAL NOT a new member Forum Contributor

    A friend of mine bought his son a 7.3 Ford powerstroke truck, last year of the 7.3. Nice truck till it suffered an electrical fire. Seems there was a rash of ford trucks burning up, service bulletins, etc and none of us knew about it till this truck burnt up.

    My 1 ton Dodge I bought to actually have a smaller truck. I don't expect to pull my 12t tag trailer with much of a load but I do pull my 14K dump with it. I have had 10K+ on the trailer and it still does pretty decent on the highway.
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  12. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist

    I have had a couple of 5W toy haulers and short bed Dodge Cummins 1t tow vehicles. Here's a piece of advice one of the useless RV dealers should've given me:

    Reese Airborne Sidewinder

    Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's worth it. It'll save you a lot of grief with a short bed, your trailer will ride way better and parking manoeuvres will be a snap.

    As for losing the pickup bed, I never missed it. For starters, I don't think it's a good idea to have anything loose in the pickup bed when there is a brake cable dangling around. If your brakes are dynamited at the wrong time, it could easily get real dangerous real fast; esp. in the mountains. Anyway, there's lots of room in the 5W.
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  13. AK Hunter

    AK Hunter G&G Evangelist

    That just goes to prove you can spot a red neck with money a mile away. LOL
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  14. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    If I was going to pull a big trailer around the country though with a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup and wasn't going to run 125,000 or 150,000 miles per year I would get a big V8 gas engine with a 6 speed automatic or something like that. I see people all the time around here with their diesel powered rigs that they have overpaid for going into the deal due to the premium that diesel power commands at the dealer, then underutilized it over the length of time they owned it, and for most of the last 15 years or more they have then paid an ill begotten premium at the fuel pumps due to the price of diesel being cosmetically higher than gasoline a large percentage of the time. Not to mention all of the obscene emissions junk that they deal with on the newer models such as the DEF, etc. That stuff is only going to get worse with the diesels for a few more years. Even in the heavy duty diesels for the 18 wheelers Caterpillar decided to pull out of that market rather than play the stupid EPA games. If I was going to be maxed out on weight or running in the Rocky Mtns. all the time a diesel might make sense but to pull a big travel trailer or a horse trailer around most of America it isn't a practical or financially feasible choice to me. You could get a big gas motor and essentially drive every 4th truck for free. I know a Guy that put 289,000 on a V-8 gas 2011 F250 SD in 2-1/2 years hauling parts for Peterbilt.
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  15. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    I understand what you're saying. However when I was in the market for a new pick up truck I was looking at either the F150 FX4 or a Toyota Tundra. Both were 2015s and were going to run me between $35,000-$38,000 new. I was finding them slightly used and two years older for not much less so I was looking more at the new route. My brother inlaw called me up and said he could put me in a 2015 Ram Crew Cab SLT 4x4 that had 19,000 miles on it for less than the F150 I was looking at.
    For me it was a no brainer to buy the Ram.
    As far as towing with a gas engine vs a diesel engine there is zero comparison. The biggest gas engine you can buy right now is a 6.2L in the Ford or Ram and a 6.0L in the GM. All three of those engines are underwhelming in performance when it comes to towing. They may be adequate down in the southern states or flat lands but out west they are pathetic. There is a large construction company here in Las Vegas who decided to swap their Ford Diesel fleet to gas due to the problems they had experienced with the Ford 6.4L. It wasn't so much the engine's fault as it was the Emissions which were dumping soot into the intake to regen and it was burning up Turbos like crazy. With Ford's foolish design of putting the Turbos behind the motor and only accessible when you remove the cab of the truck to work on the turbos. It's expensive not only to replace but costly in time.
    Anyways what the company is finding is these trucks are having a hard time pulling small equipment where their diesel trucks were able to do it with ease.

    My good friend in Colorado bought a 2015 F250 with the 6.2L to pull his camper and snowmobile trailer. When not towing he gets on average 13mpg. When towing the camper he is down in the 8mpg range. He had to pick up a second vehicle to go back and forth to work due to crappy fuel mileage. he paid as much as I did for his truck and that was with all the dealer incentives.
    My truck averages 20mpg on the freeway at 80mph empty. Loaded and towing i'm 14 at the worst and 16 at the best so far. My buddy who is towing the 40' 5th wheel is getting 12 to 14.

    You talk about the Premium you pay to buy a diesel truck. That is true there is a $10K up charge for the cummins motor. However due to the diesel motor your truck doesn't depreciate nearly as much as a gas engine truck.
    Case in point. My 99 Dodge was stolen in 2007. It was a quad cab, 4x4, SLT with the Cummins motor. It had 185,000 on the truck. My insurance company was going to give me a check for $13,000. Had that been a gas truck the check would've been $5,500 dollars for the same model and options. If you look at the price of used gas vs diesel trucks you will see the price on the diesel trucks are far more money across the board.

    Yes diesel fuel costs more but you also get better mileage than you would with a gas truck so it's a wash.
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  16. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    My friend who I posted about who has had all the Ford Diesels also lost a 6.0L to fire. His truck was brand new and he was pulling a brand new 5th Wheel with it. We were pulling Parleys canyon on I-80 between Salt Lake City and Park City Utah. He was lead vehicle since he was taking us to his camping spot. Just as I started to smell something burning he swerved to the shoulder and slammed on the brakes. He was barely able to get himself and his kids out of their car seats before the truck was engulfed in flames. The truck was a blob of molten metal and the whole front of the 5th wheel was gone before the fire dept arrived.

    Same thing Ford found faulty wiring on the fuel injectors or fuel rail which caught on fire. They replaced the Dually and the trailer. I just can't believe he was foolish enough to go with another Ford at that point.
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