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    I have a model 10-5, bright nickel. The plating is mottled and discolored in a few small areas. I have tried oil and solvent on patches, as well as steel wool in out of the way places. Nothing has changed the appearance. Does anyone know anything that actually works? No theories, please.
  2. it sounds like microscopic pitting and if that is so there is nothing you can do, is it rough to the feel or smooth

  3. What caused this discoloration? Using it or just sitting around over time?

    Some pictures would help greatly. Show where these areas of discoloration are, how much and what kind or color.

    Nickel is a finish, not much different then chrome in my book. Both require polishing or some form of treatment over time. Or they'll discolor from the air and the contaminants in it. If you touch it or someone else has and don't wipe it off. Your finger prints have acids in them. Although nickel is a tough finish, over time, if not wiped down at the very least, finger prints will damage, even discolor most finishes.

    Take chrome for example. Look at what heat does to it, an example would be the exhaust of a motorcycle. Heat discolors it. There is a way to remove it, but it only comes back the next time you start it and it heats up. One reason I asked what caused it, firing it or what?

    Post some pictures if you can. Might be able to know or tell more from them???

    READ THIS!!!!

    NICKEL PLATING Nickel Plating Especially read the last paragraph. Sounds like maybe even what you tried to clean it with might make it worse or discolor it?
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