Nickelodeon to Air Gay Parent Special

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 18, 2002.

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  1. Doglips

    Doglips Guest

    Nickelodeon to Air Gay Parent Special

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    06/17/2002 1:50 PM EDT


    (AP) Linda Ellerbee, back center black shirt, sits with Rosie O'Donnell and is joined by a group of kids...
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    NEW YORK (AP) - Despite a staggering 100,000 e-mails and phone calls in protest, Nickelodeon will telecast a special for children about same-sex parents on Tuesday night.

    The half-hour report, produced by Linda Ellerbee and featuring Rosie O'Donnell, includes comments from the Rev. Jerry Falwell - who later joined conservative activists in urging Nickelodeon not to air it.

    The Washington-based Traditional Values Coalition has spearheaded the campaign against "Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different," sight unseen. There were so many e-mails Nickelodeon had to set up a separate address to avoid a computer crash.

    "It is a cover for promoting homosexuality for kids," said Andrea Lafferty, the coalition's executive director.

    Nickelodeon said that's not so. Ellerbee, in the show's introduction, says, "The following program is about tolerance ... It is not about sex. It does not tell you what to think."

    Ellerbee, who won a Peabody Award for a Nickelodeon special that delicately dissected the Monica Lewinsky scandal for children, said she conceived of this show upon reading that the word "fag" had become the most common schoolyard epithet.

    O'Donnell's public acknowledgement that she is a lesbian put the subject in the news, Ellerbee said.

    The program, which airs at 9 p.m. EDT, is largely a discussion. Although it also features a gay school principal and a gay New York City firefighter who is a father of three, children are the focus.

    Some children with gay parents talk about feeling uncomfortable about what other kids say in school. Other children discuss their objection to homosexuality.

    "It is never a wrong time to talk about hate," Ellerbee said. "It's just not. That's all our show is about. It is not in any way about the homosexual lifestyle. It's not even introducing the subject to most kids. They know. But quite frankly, many of them know it from a hate standpoint without even knowing what they're talking about."

    But Lafferty said, "They keep saying it is not about sexuality. It is about sexuality."

    Parents are upset because many thought they never had to worry about Nickelodeon's content, she said.

    "They have been led to believe that Nick is a safe harbor," she said. "Now they've been exposed. The skirt has been lifted and Nick has been exposed."

    Lafferty was asked by Nickelodeon if the Traditional Values Coalition would recommend children to be included in the special. She refused.

    Falwell agreed to be interviewed, however, and is quoted expressing his opposition to homosexuality on Christian grounds. He also said it's important to respect other points of view and not react with violence.

    He said later, in an interview with The Associated Press, that he is sorry Nickelodeon feels the need to "indoctrinate" children on homosexuality.

    "Nickelodeon should stay away from endorsing lifestyles that are generally not accepted by the American public," Falwell said. "It turns a children's network into something parents feel a responsibility to edit and carefully filter."

    Asked how he reconciled his participation in the show with a call not to air it, Falwell said, "I've often said I would preach in hell if they promised to let me out."

    Ellerbee said she was disappointed by Falwell's later comments.

    Most of Ellerbee's Nick News programs air at 8:30 p.m. This show has been pushed back a half hour - to a time when the network usually runs old sitcoms - because of its sensitivity, said Herb Scannell, Nickelodeon's chief executive.

    Lafferty claimed advertisers wouldn't touch the show; Scannell said the plan was always to be commercial-free. Some other Ellerbee shows, including the Clinton discussion and one about AIDS, also contained no ads.

    Scannell said he had no hesitation about airing the special.

    "I thought it was in a territory that we've been before, in terms of looking at the world from a kid's point of view," he said. "The whole philosophy of Nick is that it's tough to be a kid in an adult world."
  2. Well, I'm sure Nickelodeon will go by way of K-Mart.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Isn't that special?, pansies on parade with Rosie as the pansie general! Isn't that alot more wholesome than a conservative family with their hetero parents going to one of those evil,evil, gun ranges and teaching kids right from wrong!!??
  4. Eric

    Eric Guest

    There are SOME people that just need to keep their mouth shut and stay hidden in the shadows. And people wonder why this country is going down the toilet. It's scum like Rosie blowing her rhetoric and doing her best to warp the minds of children. NO more 'nick at night!"
  5. Doglips

    Doglips Guest

    I know one channel that wont get watched in this house...Actualy my 12 yr old said that she figured it was some "gay junk" since they been saying Rossie O is on the show....had me rolling. Guess the smell of Hopps #9 is good for kids.
  6. I love the smell of Hoppe's # 9 in the morning.
  7. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    smells like VICTORY!
  8. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    I don't get it

    Most pro-gun people are all about freedom. They preach that the government and everyone else needs to leave them be. Why do people on this site believe their rights are exclusive and do not extend to others? I am no fan of Rosie, but I love the fact that people like Rosie can live in this country. It is a sign that we live in a free society. We want tolerance of our pro-gun views, but does that mean we should not extend tolerance to others?
  9. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I believe it's a 'tit-for-tat" thing. If they would quit bad-mouthing us, we would quit bad mouthing them. I mean, we are not trying to teach their kids about guns. Why should they be airing shows teaching our kids about the goodness of a Gay lifestyle. They can raise their kids as they see fit and we'll do the same. Just don't push politically sensitive views on other people's kids. In America you can think, believe, and practice what you want. But that doesn't mean you can promote your ideas to others as the correct view. Another Rant!
  10. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    It's a TV show

    Why try to shut down tv shows? It's not like someone coming into your living room. Turn the TV off. Turn the channel. Don't watch. What you're trying to do is keep others from watching what you think is wrong. Tit for tat? Be the bigger person and start it. Don't act childish and say, "I do it because they do it!" If it is tit for tat, than prove it and show some tolerance.
  11. Doglips

    Doglips Guest

    I also have the right to free speach. I have younger children and yes I do turn the channels, turn off the TVs ect. However I also have the right to voice my opasition to showes that I feel are inaproprate especialy for young child oriented tv station. Just as if I found out some tv show was running an anti gun or anti symatic show I would voice my displeasure with their decission. People have a right to be what ever. But their rights end when they try to force it on to me and or my family.
  12. Great idea Lenny! A novel approach to hiding your head in the sand.

    I assume, by the fact you enter this forum, you believe in your right to have firearms. So do we.

    But, we also believe in the right to express ourselves. And, regardless of what you might say, I suppose we'll continue. You see, most of us are not PARTIAL supporters of the Constitution and it's Amendments.

    It's the people unwilling to say something that allows the other side to think they can do whatever they please that displeases some of us. Sorta like the inner city thinking, "I don't wanna get involved" and turn their heads and pretend not to see.

    You may disagree with our thoughts and that is your right, and it's your right to voice your dissenting opinion.

    However, as you mentioned about turning the channel on the TV, I guess I can do a similar thing here. It's called the ability to ignore.....fer sure.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2002
  13. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    not even close

    Dale, I'm not hiding my head in the sand. I see people talking about trying to shut down this show. That is oppression. You are trying to force your opinion and beliefs on others. If they air the show anoyne can watch or not watch. If they get shut down, nobody has a choice. The choice was made for them by people like you. How is that fair?
  14. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The show and Rosie make me wanna...:throwup:
  15. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    i agree

    I will not be watching the show, or Rosie. I will not be encouraging anyone that I know to do so either. But it is still wrong to force others into the same choices you have made.
  16. Doglips

    Doglips Guest

    Force depends on what you mean. As consumers who purchase the products advertised or not we as a mass can create or deny any ect a proffit and thus existance if we choose not to support a show. Like wise we can let companies know that their decissions may cost them OUR indivual $$ via not purchaseing their products. If a large # of us do not buy/watch a show then the companies will choose to advertise else were. Is it is exerciseing our right to spend our $$ as we see fit. To me if we lobbied to make it illegal despite the constatution...or fire bombed the station that would be opression. Leting a network or company know that if they CHOOSE to do something we disaprove of then THEY are chooseing to take a risk that we will take our $$ to other places. In terms of this show....they lose Neilson rateings...and if the rateings are too low then no one spends $$ advertiseing and the show stops. The power to turn off the tv is one part...the power not to purchase from companies that have bussiness practices or political adgendas that I do not approve of is also something I can do. Is this the truest sence yes..but it is not opressions..
  17. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    I dont think so

    Doglips, people here are advocating the removal of the show. That is depriving others of making a choice on the show. It is one thing to voice your opinion and cast your dollar vote. It is something completely different to try to deprive others of something that is not forced upon any one. That show will not harm any one. If an individual does not want to watch the show, fine; don't watch it. I don't see why people are trying to take the choice away from others. It is oppression. These people are trying to FORCE their opinion onto the network. The show is not trying to force anything on any one. The show can be tuned out or turned off. Why ruin it for people who don't think like you do?
  18. You know Lenny you haven't said one positive thing in any of your posts. I asked you before if you worked for the govt. and of course--the man. I didn't used to believe in life on other planets, but I do now.:D
  19. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yeah I forgot about that Alan! He was giving us grief earlier today also. Not one positive thing to say and taking things all out of context! Sounds government to me maybe even closet liberalism!
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