NICS and gunshows

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Apr 13, 2002.

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    Well I went to another gun show and as usual if I see the big banners showing the dealer is an ffl I walk on by,but sometimes you don't see any signs or yellow sheets so you must ask.
    Immediately some dealers become rude and defensive asking if I have something to hide in a loud and boisterious manner. If they have something I am interested in I say "No,I have a CCW which indicates I have already checked by the Fed.,I just don't want to be on an unconstitutional registration list."
    They then fly into a rage ranting that the info is immediatly destroyed and there is no registration.Then I bring up how the Dems. are wanting the list that is not supposed to exist to track terrorists.Then they say they are licensed by the gummint and have to run the check and I say I understand that,but I don't have to submit to it,yet!I just asked if they had to run it and if they did I would move on down the line.
    After that exchange and they have run their line by me and see that I am not as ignorant as the average bear they become more civil and admit they are lying to prospective buyers,but they have to in order to make sales and i tell them,although I don't approve,not that it matters,but I understand the situation.
    If our president were to rescend that and other unconstitutional laws enacted since 1989 I would give my total support as I tell them when the Republicans send requests for money.I tell them they have my vote and all my friends and familys vote because we consider them the lesser of the two evils,if they want more than that they will have to DO MORE than give lip service!
    DO THE RIGHT THING!:nod: :nod: :nod: ;)
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    Huuummmm,looks like this is another one of those subjects that no one wants to be associated with,it's there,it affects all of us,but if we ignore it maybe it will go away.Kind of reminds me of history repeating itself.But enough of that,I will not bore you any more with a subject that is apparently not interesting to you guys,and it may offend some,if so, sorry,I know how it is.
    :nod: :nod: :nod: :cool:

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    Forgive me Rave, I had to be edumacated by a friend who knows alot more about this than I do.

    Who could blame you for hand picking a private saler, why not?

    I was unaware of the angst the ffl fellas have towards private salers. They need to direct thier frustration towards capitol hill. Sept. 11 became a reason for the libs to go nuts with thier everyone who owns a gun is a terrorist theory. What a crook, what sad paranoid people.

    At least we're able to "COOSE" for now, but how long will that last. Them Dems get really nervous when the people have choices.
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    Rave ole buddy maybe its not a lack of intrest, but rather not leaving any sort of trail, paper or electronic!!!! we only brag about what we have not what we got!!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :nod:
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    Thanks Stopper,PapaG,like I said,I know how it is.No point sticking my neck out all alone.History repeats itself,hummmm,wonder why?:nod: :nod: :nod: :(
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    All to often my friend, all to often!