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A few days after I got the Buck Mark Rifle (with the bull barrel) I knew I wanted to mount a tactical light to it. I rarely get much free time until later in the evening, and I enjoy a challenge so I ditched the Nikon 4X rifle scope for a Bushnell Holo Sight (there's a thread on that in Optics) and a Tac Star Weapons Light 2000 Kit.

Sure Fire has Mil Spec kits that the Tac Star is a sort of knock off of. As I am likely doing battle with no more than paper and tin, shelling out for ruggedized tactical equipment suitable for Spec Ops didn't appeal to me.

The Weapons Light 2000 comes with a waterproof Xenon/ 3V Lithium 123 flashlight that puts out something like 70 lumens--enough to about blind you and good for lighting up a target 50 yards or more down range. Two sets of clamps are provided to mount the light to either a large (bull) barrel or to a rifle barrel. A momentary tape switch/coil cord/end cap can be used in place of the tail cap to allow the operator to trigger the light as needed.

The light is holding up very well on the .22--I've probably shot over a thousand rounds with it attached. The momentary switch has the added benefit of prolonging the battery life. Sure Fire has the best price on 123 3V litthium batteries and I have a spare dozen in the ammo bag--with a ten year shelf life I may never buy another battery again.

Between the blinding spotlight and the Holo sight the Buck Mark really gets down in the pitchy black night...:nod:
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