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    Just asking if anyone has had any experience with night vision scopes. I recently bought a digital monocular,Yukon Ranger, for night viewing and it works well for 100+ yards. I think i would like to put something on a rifle but not sure about all the choices there are, digital-gen 1 or 2-magnification-manufactures, and so on. Do they work like the adds say?
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  2. If you're looking to get one to hunt at night, just take a look at a laser designator instead. Linked below.

    Night Vision, Green Lasers for hunting and EMT | Laser Genetics

    If you're wanting something for other reasons, then save your money, and save lots of it and get a Gen 2 or 3 or newer.

    I'd also check your state and local laws as there may be some that restrict night vision to law enforcement and military use only? Ya' just never know.

    I bought something I could afford. It's a Gen. 1 scope made by ATN. But I don't plan on ever mounting it on a rifle. To big, heavy and bulky for that. I merely wanted something to see out to 100-150 yards at night. That's it. And quite frankly, it works just fine for that.

    Someone told me, on another forum when I bought it up, that ATN's the bottom of the barrel when it comes to night vision. I simply replied, that's fine. It works fine for my purposes and it was within my budget. lol

    If you're interested or curious, here's the link to it. There's a video of the product at the link below also. Give it a watch as what you see in the video is how it works. And again, it's the one I got and for my purposes it works great.

    Nightvision, Nightvision Scopes, Night Vision Rifle Scope, By Atn at Sportsman's Guide

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    I don't own one, but my opinion is: If you're going to buy one, spend the money and get something really good. I suggest a Gen 3+. They are expensive, but I think it would be worth the extra money to get something that gives you a better picture at night.