No 1. Mk 1 Restoration?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by n8xwb, May 3, 2002.

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    Hi Folks -- 1st time post so bare with me?! I have an old Enfield that I would like to restore. I believe it is a No 1. Mk1. I've just made a quickie WebPage and have my photo's posted on it (see link below). I guess as a start I'm looking for confirmation that the model I have is in fact the No 1 Mk 1. Presuming that is correct, other issues are:

    a. Need a magazine -- does it have to be for the Mk1?
    b. Would like to use the rifle after restoring -- need a firing pin -- does it have to be for the Mk1?
    c. What parts should have serial numbers on them?
    d. My SN is 1321 -- is that low, high, etc for this model?
    e. Need a rear handguard -- I saw where Vulch (another forum subscriber) suggests a price of $50. Any ideas where I can buy one?

    Anyone who has the time and cares to, please view the photos & feel free to make comments on what I need to do, what I shouldn't do, etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ZERO KNOWLEDGE -- I AM NOT A FIREARMS ENTHUSIAST (YET)!!

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    Excellent pics! I wouldn't try filling that stock ding if you are concerned with collector value. It isn't too bad. The magazine cut-off could be freed by some light penetrating oil, but you're right not to force it. The No.1 Mk3 magazine will probably work, as it's the same reciever design.
    The Mk3 firing pin should work, but have a gunsmith check the rifle well. There might be a reason it was "ground off", perhaps it was demilled at some point and would be unsafe to shoot? Just a thought, but be safe.
    For the handguard, try Numrich (Gun Parts Corp., Again, the Mk3 part should fit.
    Can't help on the serial numbers, as I'm not an Enfield expert. I've got one, and like it. It's a No.1 Mk3.

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    I recently got a handguard for my no.1 mk 3 from for $10.
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    wonder how he made out with his restoration!!!

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    I just e-mailed him and reminded him of this thread...maybe he'll come back and tell us! :right:
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    his first official doody!!!:cool: :cheer: :drink: :usa: :right: :loveydove

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