No College Football This Year

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Brother Bob, Aug 11, 2020.

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    It's entertainment, like anything else on TV. But different watchers like different things.
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    The only spectator sport I might watch is women's beach volleyball.
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    Well, it gets even better:

    No outside guests, no parties, no road trips.

    Um........yeah. Why be in college then ? I’ll put this on TXPlt’s ain’t gonna happen list.

    Kinda shows you how out of touch with reality those running things are in this bubble wrap warming label world.

    Ya can’t stop life. God only gives you so many days. I’d suggest a person use them wisely. Seems the nanny state crowd is attempting to turn everyone into broke faceless mask wearing droids in a life devoid of fun and good things forever. Taking away joy and humanity.
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    In the latter days of the Roman Empire, the people were placated with Blood and Circuses and :eek: Gladiatorial games. NASCAR = Chariot races. Football, Soccer, Basketball = Gladiators. All of which were designed to distract the populace from the sh!tty job their senators and other leaders were doing. I pretty much quit watching pro sports 25 years ago. College sports about the same. Few if any high school jocks make it the minor leagues and even fewer to the majors. The main reason was the idolization of players and the deification of others. I did indeed discover that there was another world out there that I had been neglecting for over 40 years. I do not miss pro or amateur sports in the least. I have better addictions.
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    This whole Covid thing has really highlighted the failures of the college system. None of these schools have gone down on tuition, but most of them have moved to online-only or online hybrid models.

    This means there are people paying tens of thousands of dollars per year to sit at home and listen to lectures that many colleges post online for free.

    Then you take away the social aspects of college and there really is no benefit; you aren't making connections, you aren't "finding yourself", you aren't taking steps into adulthood with the benefit of a slight safety net, you aren't even getting to take advantage of the school's expensive facilities.

    At that point people are quite literally only paying for a piece of paper.

    Instead of giving people $70,000 or more in student loans and crippling debt, I wish Sally Mae and the rest would offer people between the ages of 18 and 25 a one-time $10,000 business startup loan and access to an accountant.

    Even if the kids failed miserably, having owned a few businesses myself, I can guarantee they would learn more through that failure than they would in college. Also, $10,000 is enough to get most small businesses a start, but not enough to have someone financially crippled for life.
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    Virginia has been leading the charge in online education for years. We have Liberty and my alma mater Regent. Both have over 90% of their student body exclusively online. I believe Liberty now has the largest student body in the USA. The campus does take up most of Lynchburg but the average student never steps foot on it.
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    I was offered a full-ride scholarship to Liberty. It was the only non-minority school that offered (my other full-ride choices were Miles, Lawson, and ASU).

    TV evangelist Jerry Falwell was their spokesperson at the time, and that soured me a bit. I've never been a fan of the "You'll go to Heaven if you just send me enough money" crowd.

    Setting that aside, even with a full-ride scholarship I wasn't sure about traveling halfway up the country, to a university I had never heard of before and had not applied to, and where every girl on the brochure was fat.

    If I wanted to go to college with a bunch of fat Southern Baptist girls, I would at least do it far enough south where they knew how to cook and understood proper sweet tea. That means no farther than North Carolina.
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    You're killing me. I got a good belly laugh out of that one. It's kind of true. The freshman 15 is more like the freshman 30 for some of the students. We have some decent sweet tea up here; we've got Bojangles and Hardees.
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    I tried to bring up copies of their web pages from 1998 and 1999 on Wayback Machine to prove my point, but all the pics are dead. My best friend and I laughed for hours about the pictures on it back in the day.

    1. Almost every girl on the site was fat as well, and these were different girls than the ones on the brochure. There was one possibly-cute girl, but it was hard to tell since she had glasses so thick a normal person could probably see the nose hairs on the man in the moon through them.
    2. There was one really hot blonde chick and we joked she must be the only one because she showed up in several pictures.
    3. Back then is when the "we are so diverse" thing first became a huge deal at colleges. The problem is that that campus was obviously not at all diverse. This was exemplified by the same black dude showing up in every picture. There also seemed to be three Asians on campus based on the pictures - all dudes.
    4. I was coming out of Ghetto High in Birmingham, Alabama which meant I knew one thing for sure; If there was only one hot blonde chick on campus, she was probably dating that black guy.

    As for tea, I'll give you Bojangles, but Hardees down here waters their tea down too much.
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