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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, May 7, 2002.

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    Well, I spent the night arguing with my kids about the hazards of the new terrorist policy adopted by our school district. They finally saw the logic and will hopefully be able to use it if there is an attack on their school.

    The district has instructed the kids that in the event of an attack, they are to remain in their classes and not attempt to escape or evade any assailant.

    At the high school where my oldest is enrolled, the layout is such that two armed attackers basically could establish immediate control over almost half of the classrooms. Most of the rooms have only one entrance/exit, and nearly half have no windows to the outside. You could put one guy guarding the hallway, picking off anyone who tried to get out that way, while another goes from room to room at his leisure, exterminating the sheep who are silently sitting there waiting for him.

    I told my daughter that if she thought she could get out without being detected and picked off by the attackers, she should try. We discussed tactics such as using the ventilation duct, starting a fire that would obstruct the attackers' view/access, using items as shields, barricades, hideouts, etc. The point is to think of something rather that just sit there and wait for it.

    The funny thing is, the police dept is only two blocks away, yet they still take more than five minutes to respond to a call at the school.
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    what kind of idiots drew up this regulation??? this just another example of why we should get active in even the local school board!!! if it was to happen i would want my kids to escape how ever way they can. ****ed if i want them to stay seated and await the executioner!!!

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    must have been the one's in Nashville that told students hiding behind lockers will keep a bullet from hitting them. Maybe a 22 would stop but anything bigger the lockers would be swiss cheese. Good Going BenP they would be best off escaping at least they have a good chance of not being a victim
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    The way things are now,if a student tried to escape the others would raise a fuss to expose him to the terrorist and as he and they were all murdered they would die knowing they did the right thing!:assult:
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    Thats it the nuts have won! Relaese the Squirles!!! The more I read in the and other place the more I almost wounder if an invasion by Bassetthounds from outer space might not be an inprovement over the state of this country and the world. A few years ago someone was marketing Kevlar inserts for kids book bags ... I said man the only people who would buy that are the paranoid wack a doodles..... Any more a kevlar bookbag, MOPP gear, "gas" mask, and an AK-47 with hi cap magazines seems like the minimum my kids should take too school....Add Car Jackings, Home invasions, the Crack empademic, mail box bombs, anthrax and of course the yearly FBI report that crime has decreased..(were?) and Im starting too think that someone could tell me they were bio filtered kevlar underwear and I would probly think it was a good idea....... I rember when the only thing you worried about was in school was a note sent too your parents or some big kid wanting too meet you at the playground...of course I also rember when the worse think you got in the mail was bills.
    ....I guess its just about time for someone/thing to hit the cosmic control alt del and reset this planet.
  6. A mantra of mine

    I also agree with your assesment of the school rule to sit and wait to die. Complacency, passivism and indecision make me sick. I had a bug deflector on one of my trucks that said, "Run with the wolves or die like the sheep." I will not sit and wait, I will also impart the same ideas into my sons, be a leader or help, don't sit idly by and wait for fate to decide if you succeed or fail.