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  1. I recently added a No 4 MkI sniper rifle to my SMLE collection. I have a few questions that I would appreciate help on. First does anyone know of a current scope that would fit in the scope mount of the rifle? It would have to be relatively power (under 4X) and have a field of view no more than 32mm. The distance between the rings is only 2.375 inches and the eye relief would need to be about 3 inches. The serial number has an “A” prefix. The “AM” prefix on my .22 training rifle means Air Ministry. Does the A on this weapon mean the same? The gun is stamped with a TR below the serial number and above the serial number is the’ date “1943” and above that there is a stamped “M47” that I assume means modified in 1947. Finally, on the original No 4 Mk I sniper with the no 32 Mrk III scope was the rear sight removed to clear the scope tube? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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    I can answer your last question, the sight rear sight was not removed with the no32 scope. The 47 is the restoration/ repair date.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. your battle peep appears to fold back. The one on my rifle does not. You have a good looking piece. Is it very accurate? I have looked for sometime to find a scope with no luck. Again thnaks for the reply and a chance to see your weapon.
  4. I was under the impression that M47C was one of BSA ids. Is there another manufacture's code on it?

    Are you sure about the "TR" stamp, it was usually "FTR" for Factory thorough repair with an ordinance ID and date. (eg "FTR ROF(F) 55")

    I'm not too sure about the "A" prefix though, how many numbers following? "A" suffix denoted a non standard parts gun.

    Can you re-examine & post all the numbers and any pictures if possible.
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    Well here is some info

    the M47 is the mfg code of BSA Shirley

    S shoud be like this

    TR = telescopic rifle

    Should be a T by the ejector screw
    the A prefex is just a letter code , means nothing , was used so serial numbers would not be duplicated. I think the AM on your .22 is just the same thing letter code. Unit markings were not part of the serial numbers.
    You should have a rear sight marked SM on the rifle with the battle aperature removed so it would not hit the scope.
    Old Weaver scopes work fine and fit the mount fine

    See below

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  6. Thanks! That helps a lot. The rear sight might have been replace since I still have the battle peep amd no SM stamp. I have the T by the ejector screw. It wouldn't be authentic but I might get another no 4 rear sight and grind off the battle aperature. I will look for an old weaver scope. Again thanks.
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    With the scope off, the sight leaf can be raised. I am not familiar enough with British sights to know if there was one with a folding peep. This gun is original and not a put together. Though the gun outwardly is near perfect, the bore was dark with pitting. I was getting about 3" groups at 100 yds, no better. Due to it's age, I don't shoot it much, because I don't want to take the chance of the crosshairs breaking due to recoil. I do shoot it but minimally. (40 rds a year). When I first got it,8 yrs ago, I test fired it at 50 yds. This was the groups before cleaning the barrel thoroughly. Afterwards it shot somewhat poorer..I understand the No32 scopes go for $1000 now.
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  8. Thanks for the info. I have given up on getting a No32MkII scope. With the battle aperature removed the scope obviously fits well. Some must have put a different rear sight on the one I have since it still has the battle aperatue. I have several enfields, some I have sporterized and I now have nearly a sample of the SMLE from the No1 to the No5. Thanks again.
  9. You could go the "wannabe" route , for a scope,,,
    Although not correct on a Shirley , the Lyman Alaskan was used on some Longbranch T's and somewhat cheaper.
    And totaly incorrect , but a fairly close resemblance , would be older 20mil scopes like what Bushnell , Ruko and the Lyman (All American ) , used to make at a fraction of the cost . Some of these will even have the post reticule and all are good tough scopes.

    Ruko 2.5x20 on a '43 Longbranch w' B-Square mount

    Lyman All American 2.5 x20 w' post reticule
    ( This one is on my Longbranch now , no picts yet )

    The Ruko is now on my son's restored '43 Savage
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  10. Thank you for the pics and info. I see I need to correct something I said early. On my .22 Parker-Hale trainer the "AM" is stamped above the serial number in different stamp font and hence another chap said that it stood for Air Ministry. I will look for one of the scopes you suggested. My "T" rifle has the original scope mount so I want to get a scope that fits and might look like it belongs on the rifle.

    By the way, does anyone have a special recipe for .303 match ammo?
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