No more Argy paint

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  1. I guess if one looks you can see what this gun looked like but anyone who has owned an Argentine HP knows about the flaky yet hard to remove paint,
    So I am set up in my shop to do park and bluing now and since I am building MILSPEC guns like FN FALs I started with parking, I cleaned up my Argy "which I love" and parked it then oil bathed it in motor oil to give it that milspec look.

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  2. And yes my 1911 you see a hint of got the same treatment, no more bluing on these for me ..
    my next step is to build a curing oven so we can do Gunkote projects.

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    I have worked with Gun Kote before. I am a Cerakote applicator through and through.....if you are looking into Gun Kote then my suggestion is to look at Cerakote first. More wear resistant, chemical resistant and a better all around coating, IMO.
  4. I am also looking into having some of my stuff done in Molonite... but I can't do this in my shop ... dang nitro carburizing!
  5. I heard of it, and I will look into comparisons, colors available and ease of application is one factor, Gunkote has good lubricity and tests very well but I am open to any suggestions... except some of those I hear when I drive by occupy Portland.:paranoid:
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    Gun Kote is much easier to work with but you will be surprised by the differences between the two. If you want to PM me I can give you NIC industries phone number and my sales guy's name. He is great and can break it all down for you.
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    Does anybody do green parking.
    And by the way the Argentine looks good.
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    Nice job Buddymack.
  9. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions guys, green parkerizing from what I can tell is what I am doing "in a way" green park is more of a patina from years of a part being stored in cosmo that has been manganese phosphated, a short cut is to bathe the part in motor oil instead of a light oil to help speed the patina.
    Also there are colors such as Gunkote that mimic the green park look.
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    Coatings if applied properly will also last longer, wear better, be more rust resistance and be more chemical resistant longer than park.
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    Some things just gotta be parkerized, IMHO,call it nostalgia or era correct. Not opposed to other coatings but, just saying.
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    I agree with that
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    It is very nice finish... my Browning m-90 has its original paint... and looks like an old black "Ford T"
    In first time (the ones that have the "legend" "Rosario" on the frame was blue finished... there are the better ones)
    In these times, were used a green fosfatized too (just like I could see in some old Thompson & Colt 1911 from the war times)...
    Then the Factory start to use this black paint...
    I have an old "Browning Comando" blue finished...
    But my Browbning M-90, and my FSL came with the black paint
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