No remanufactured ammo?

Discussion in 'Steyr' started by Corster, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Corster

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    I was given an M95 because ammo is non-existant or $2/rnd. With all of these rifles out there, why haven't the big ammo makers started remanufacturing ammo for these? Seems like a waste of a good rifle to keep it on the shelf too expensive to shoot. At this rate, i'll never fire it.
  2. I believe PRVI and Hornady is loading for it

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    Handload it. A buddy and I both keep our M95's fed this way. I just wish there were more bullets of this diameter available, in different weights and styles.
    Hornady could make some bucks here.......
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    GIVEN ? Lucky you! The last thing I was given was a cold. Read reloading threads here and you'll find yourself a very rewarding hobby.
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    If you can make Kool-aid you can reload, it's not blackmajic.
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    Yes they do make the ammo. Im sure with all the rifles still flowing into the market that there will be other manufacturers producing the ammo just like they do for the other milsurp calibers.