No Sanctions?

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  1. Yes,

    as I have posted Iran has already purchased in U.S. dollars one billion in Russian military upgrades. Russia is not about to let anything of negative importance happen to Iran. Sanctions are just words to feed to the liberal media who want to hear the words.

    Russia holds enough U.S. dollars in foreign reserves to flood the world market with dollars thus really harming Amrerica. So, we have to give and take with Russian governmental and business interests.

    All in all Iran will become, if it is not already, another nation in the region joining Pakistan, India, and Israel as a holder of nuclear weapons.

    Just ignore all the saber rattling yap and understand in the greater scope the trends in place will continue even if Israel might make a fighter strike into Iran to grab world attention. Iran has their nuclear work both spread out and protected to such a degree they will not suffer any significant setback.

  2. So all the postering our government has done was just a liberal media play?
  3. Hi Nostraboys

    Yep-a-doodle it is all just yap-a-doodle when the cameras are on.

    Think about it - the yap has gone on and on for years. If they intended to act they should have and would have done it when Iran's nuclear program was in its infancy. After all, doing nothing while Iran purchases and starts hundreds of centrifuges to process nuclear material is a pretty good statement that you are going to do nothing.

    Also, despite the rhetoric of Iran's loose canon mouthed president one has to face a reality check. Iran is a relatively prosperous middle east nation of eighty million inhabitants. Who is in a position to attack, conquer, and then be responsible for eighty million people who do not want foreign leadership? On the bigger picture Iran is maturing (despite American propaganda to the contrary) as a relatively peaceful nation less and less inclined to interfere with the doings of other nations.

    Curiously, Iraq is more and more dependent upon the blessings of Iran to allow its citizens to travel to Iraq for religious purposes where they bring much needed business and foreign currency to Iraq. At present there are nine major Iranian businesses in the work of sending Iranians into Iraq. The last thing the government of Iraq wants is for Iran to become upset and stop Iranian citizens from visiting Iraq.

    So, the jumbled world of the mid east realpolitik moves forward. The useless yap of American politicians moves forward. Iran moves forward to be what it wants to become no matter what the West thinks.
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    Both Russia and China have started tradeing with Iran again in the oil business,think about it.:swordfight:
  5. Also Iran is dropping the the Euro and the Dollar, Rubles dear comrades? If we bomb, bomb, bomb, it will star WWIII. Like Castro said it's in 'O's hands. Now that's scary!
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    The Russians don't comply with sanctions any more than Obama follows the COTUS.